The Labor of the Year


I have been mentioning that our garage has needed a makeover for a few years now. As I go back and look at previous fall posts there was a strong desire, NAY need, to take our abomination of a garage in hand. Unfortunately, Honey’s work schedule has not allowed this task. There are a lot of things I can do by myself, this was NOT one of them. I can no more organize his stuff than I can do higher math. It is not happening.

This Labor Day it looked like he was going to have some time off. It has been dangled in front of us before, only to have it retracted. There was no retraction this year. In fact, there was another day added. Something about contracts and if he didn’t take it he would lose it forever and ever. The moon and the stars were aligning, and then  paint was on sale at Home Depot. That was a thumbs up from God if I ever saw one.

In preparation of the arduous task, Honey listed our old fridge on Craigslist. It had been out there since we moved into this house, some 17 years ago. It went quick!


As you can see, there was much stuff around the fridge. Disorganized shelves to the right, on the left carpet squares bought last year to line the ramp leading into the back door. A small smackerel of the work to be done.

I was going to take a before picture but Honey asked did I really want to do that? Turns out, I didn’t. Suffice to say that three years of neglect was three years too many.

The first thing we did was paint. That sounds simple enough. But it was about 90 something degrees outside and for a while we painted with the doors shut because it was a teensy bit cooler that way. At least when we opened them there was a slight, oven blast of a breeze. I think I sweated more that weekend than I did all summer and that is saying something!

We were a little disappointed in the color. We thought it was a grey, to go with the carpet and reduce smudges, but for some reason it looked blue-ish or even slightly purple. Whatever it is, it’s a whole lot better than it was before!

To finish the job we had to empty those shelves and haul them out to be hosed off. Our garage is tall so the paint job required about a thousand trips up and down the ladder. I jest, but you know what I mean. I had 19,000 steps on the Fitbit one day and it was ALL in the garage!


We had an old UVL  (under the van lift) sitting under that oval window for over a decade. It was from the first van we had after the accident. That van had the lift, complete with wheelchair tie downs, but it turned out that Abby preferred to sit in a regular van seat so we just manually put the wheelchair in the back. Those under the van lifts can be problematic to care for so knowing what we knew, we never put it on the new van. We offered it to everyone we could think of and Honey even called around to a few places but he had no takers.

It was a beast of a thing, but Honey and I scooted it out. He said to keep an eye out for the guy who comes around every week, on the night before trash day, looking for aluminum and other junk. Sure enough, there came our guy, walking up the drive! Only problem? He was 75 years old. So Honey, with a tiny bit of help from me and the older gentleman, wrassled that bear into the back of his van. Thank you Lord, it was a win for everyone involved!


I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on over here. It doesn’t usually take people 3 SOLID days to clean the garage! We finished painting, went through everything on the shelves, had a give away pile and carted a whole bunch of junk to the curb.


Honey found an old pair of The Boy’s boots! Size 13, from when he really WAS a Boy!!! They must have fallen behind something. How cute!


Honey was finally able to put together a tool bench that the Girls gave him last year for his birthday. He was a little bit excited to finally have that so he could get himself organized tool wise out there!!! He would say “I know I have a _____, but I can’t find it!!!!”

Speaking of having and can’t finding, Honey had 6 cans of wasp spray stashed in various locations. In his defense, some years we need 6 cans! This was clearly a have but can’t find scenario. It made me laugh! We are prepared for next summer!


Sometime on the third day the mess started abating. It was nice to see a little success showing!

Each shelving unit had its own category; automotive, garden, wasp spray (haha Honey!) and misc., and pool. I was very glad to have the coolers down off of the top shelf. Getting those down was risky business!


The carpet squares Honey laid are SUCH an improvement from the old runners!


It makes a BIG difference in the winter to stop the wheelchair from tracking in yuck.


IMG_0435 (1)

The day after we finished putting everything back into its place we returned some unused wood to Lowe’s, the leftover boxes of carpet squares to Menards, and dropped off several boxes to The Salvation Army. Honey spent the last half of the day basking in his accomplishment on the couch. Virtual high five Honey!!!!! The hardest we worked ALL summer.


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