The Weekly Sy


It appears we have some new furniture in the foyer. Very ugly furniture.

These work horses have been kicking around since Labor Day weekend. We had high hopes to clean, paint and organize the garage and paint the front doors and polish up the brass. Clearly we overestimated our capabilities.

Sy is loving the new addition. It’s like his own personal perch, high above the other felines. He sleeps up there, lies in wait up there, drops down on unsuspecting victims from up there.


The Peanuts Champ was over this morning and she helped me get some pictures of the little mister, as well as give invaluable assistance in helping me choose a new wreath for the still unpainted front doors. There were three options, all purchased earlier in the week from Joanne’s. It’s good to have choices and also good to have friends with a good eye!

He loves his new spot so much. He was marking it as his. I tied up his mousey in an effort to deter him from harassing the elder felines.


He loves it and it gets a lot of attention.


But there is nothing like the thrill of the hunt in stalking a real live, hissing old lady cat, even if it gets him drenched with the spray bottle for all his prowess.


He always comes back to say he is sorry, he wants reconciliation.


He is damp, and he is repentant.


Ok Buddy, failure isn’t final.


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