Spending Time With Goomba


The Goomba spent some time over here this summer under the watchful eye of The Ab-Cat. She made it a personal goal to introduce him to things she particularly liked when she was a young’un. Movies, games, activities. He pretty much liked them all! For his part, he reintroduced her to The Disney Channel. This had mixed results and one day she cried on my shoulder because she could not get the catchy, annoying theme song from Austin and Allie out of her mind, Make it stop Mama!

One of his faves was Memory, he was pretty darn good too!


But Abby is good too and Aunt Kelly cleaned his clock a time or four!

They were concentrating.


We then moved on to Skip Bo. Our kids played a LOT of Skip Bo with their Great Grandma Hoover and Great Aunt Adalene. I had a lightening bolt realization that WE are Great Grandma and Aunt Adalene now!!!! That is a whole lotta fives.


He’s not Little Goomba any more. He’s barely even Medium Goomba. More like Old Goomba now. That kid is going to be 8 years old!!!!!


Just quit already boy!

Come again Friend!


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