I am going through one of those seasons when I have no idea what to post about. It happens occasionally. I feel boring. There is not much notable happening.. What did I ever talk about? Is there a way to think blog-ally and sometimes I forget how? Sometimes there are tons of ideas and they wait in the draft box patiently until you can get to them. Other times, such as this morning, I am at a loss. Maybe that is why lists appeal to me. I always have a thought or two, they just don’t always string together in an orderly fashion.

Therefore, I offer you thoughts.

Last night at dinner I was mentioning how our fall schedule was going to fly by, marked with certain activities and trips, and by the time things settled down it would be the week before Thanksgiving!!!!!

Mousey said every time she turns around it’s Christmas!!!!!

I don’t remember time flying when I was her age. It passed at an appropriate speed. Why is time passing so quickly for everyone??

I thought it was an aging thing but evidently not. Are our lives busier? Is there something in the water?Thoughts please.

Speaking of fall, I found three wreaths I liked at JoAnne’s to bring home to try. The Peanut’s Champ was over and she helped me choose the winner. Loving it!


Since I wanted to put the wreath up I needed to do something with he summery front porch flowers. They now live on the back porch.

Was anyone able to see the big old faincy moon last night? We had all clouds, all the time 😦

20 Mule Team Borax does an excellent job cleaning glass shower doors! It’s not amazing on the floor though. Sufficient, but not amazing.

I just had to go squirt Sy. He was being a thug to poor, sweet Halle Berry. He has no manners.

We went out for dinner last night. We thought they were a little stingy with the butter.


Really? For a whole loaf?? Could you spare a dollop more? Oh well, was worth a laugh.

Sometimes you read a phrase and you immediately understand it. “Wading ankle deep in toy stew”. What mother doesn’t get that?

That reminds me of one of my favorites from The Pioneer Woman, “I am a violent cyclone of indecision”.Perfect, right?

The garage door is not working again. On my side again. Why are we doing this again?

We are kicking off our small group this Saturday! We are a little late because we are evidently a group with many plans to coordinate. Five are still unavailable on Saturday but we figured we should start anyway or else we will only meet once before Honey and I are on vacation and then meet again and it’s Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas and New Years and we will have BARELY met at all!!!!!

I have now come full circle and am once again struck by the realization that the holidays are already breathing down my neck! It’s not even October!!!

I quite enjoyed the back and forth commenting on the emoji post. Keep up the good work!!!

Any thoughts? Do tell.


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