A Few Schnibbles of Stuff


Hi Y’All, it’s fall. It was completely brisk last week. This week promises to be warmer, but once you have a cold snap it’s hard to go back to sleeveless and sandals. Even if you want to, it feels a little weird.

I have some recollections and thoughts from the last week.

Saw this online. Love it.


I believe I may have mentioned that once we close the pool it is a chore to keep watering the back yard. It seems like an exercise in futility. I had been watering the back porch because we had been planning to have a small group get together, and if the weather was decent there was a possibility some would head out there for dinner. We had to cancel that event due to the fact that everyone in our group has a LOT going on this fall and there was barely anyone in town.

The next possible date to gather is mid November. Loverly as they are, there is no longer any need to try and keep them alive for the small group get together. Good bye my friends, you will be missed.


Despite a pokey start you turned out beautimously!!! Nature will now take its course.


We saw this over the weekend. Awesome!!!! Very good and VERY stressful!


There was some language, but overall a very good movie for even older kids to see. Such good examples of resourcefulness, thinking things through, problem solving and having a positive, persevering, hopeful attitude, all the while keeping a sense of humor and wonder. Lots of good here.

I was telling Honey about it and I said the main character was kind of like him!! If I were stranded on a deserted planet I would want Honey along!

Speaking of resourcefulness, Honey made a part to fix the door opener on my side of the garage. As you do. He has already said if this doesn’t work we are going to have to get a new opener. There is only so much a man can do. So far, so good.

I have been looking around for a new pair of black boots to replace my loved nigh unto death, old black boots. I looked high and low and purchased these last week. They look almost the same as my old pair. What can I say? I know what I like.


I also loved them in the brown color, but I don’t need brown boots. That did not stop me from returning to look at them 3 to 5 times.

I was out at The University of Michigan Health System two times last week. First with The Ab-Cat for a routine checkup at one of her regular clinics. It’s always nice to have company for boring dr visits. We entertained ourselves by looking at Ricky Gervais instagram. He takes funny pictures animals and of his face floating in a bathtub.



Needless to say we spent some time trying to recreate this. Abby made me SWEAR I would not post any of our sparkling beauties. I can only offer you these pale imitations I accidently took of myself while laughing.


Clearly don’t have this whole iPhone thing down yet.


I went back 2 days later to the nuclear medicine department, for my own bad self. I had a scan that injected gamma rays to take a gander at my kidney function. Just like Bruce Banner. Except no one was trying to look at The Hulk’s bladder. It will be an important baseline  test for the future of me and my kidneys. Especially the right one, which is a hater. I had no fun side kick for this visit, only the two guys giving the scan, who I named Guy Who Can’t Put In An IV and his partner, Rough Guy Putting In An IV.

It was a basically uneventful 40 minute scan with no whirring or other strange noises. The only problem I had was the last 10 minutes after they gave me some lasix to drain the last of the radioactivity from my body. I thought my bladder was going to EXPLODE.. Rough Guy Putting In An IV.assured me it was important I make it to the end, so I persevered, but was not able to wait until Guy Who Can’t Put In An IV lowered the table as much as he felt was necessary. I said I was good and hit the ground running! I then had to get back on the table so they could scan again post voiding. That’s what they call tinkling. There was just a faint, hazy glow where a full irradiated bladder used to be. I will get the results of the scan on Wednesday.

One last observation. I needed to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to get me out of the labyrinth where the nuclear medicine department was. Good GRIEF! I have a reasonably good, general idea of how to navigate that place and either they sent me in a very convoluted way or it was truly in the bowels of the building! SHEESH. I have no idea how I ended up by the cafeteria, but I was thankful to see daylight again! I pity the newbies trying to find that joint!

Have a good Monday.


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  1. I loved the movie too, and think our Honeys are similar. I would also need mine if stranded, first to do all the hard stuff, and most importantly to talk me off the ledge : ) Hoping all your tests bring good news!


  2. I sure didn’t choose the BFG for his resourcefulness…but I have been thankful for that quality just about everyday! The test brings back ultrasound memories, they were easy compared to what you had to go through.


  3. Father in Heaven bring healing and wholeness to Kelly’s entire body, I plead the blood of Jesus over it so it works perfectly in the manner in which You designed it. By Jesus’ STRIPES you’ve already been healed! IJN ( in Jesus Name)

    love you


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