A List and The Weekly Sy


Hi Y’All. It was not my intention to have a blob break but I guess that is what I did. I was just texting Heifer Lynn this morning and she asked about it. I responded that i have yet to get into the swing of things since my life picked up this fall. I usually post in the morning and if I don’t get my act together to write ahead of time, no post magically appears.

If I am being honest, I was also in a bit of a funk. My usual October funk. This year was the 20th marking of the day of the car accident that resulted in Abby’s spinal cord injury. I don’t discount that I will talk about it in the future but I couldn’t get my thoughts gathered the way I wanted to. I had an entire post written that I deleted because it came off as… not what I was trying to say. Maybe another time.

It was a beautimous fall week for walking up here in The Mitten!!!!! GLORIOUS! Keelyody and I just kept pointing and saying “look at that one!”.

IMG_0752 (1)



Speaking of outdoors, Honey, Mousey and I got a massive jump start on the outside work last Thursday before we headed down to Iowa! Mousey and I emptied all of the pots, moved them to their winter homes, took all the moveable stuff to the shed, cut back the day lillies and hauled MONSTROUSLY heavy loads of plant life in varying shades of life or death back to the field.

I felt a little like the Ingalls family preparing for winter. Without the urgent need to chop tons of firewood so we wouldn’t freeze to death, or gather all of the food we would need to have for the coming winter or else we would DIE of starvation. But you know, sorta kinda.

Except for cutting the grass today and the ONE LEAF RAKING a year we give Honey as an act of love, I should be done out there!!!! Hallelujah and thank you Lord!

I have a confession to make. I did something I don’t think I have ever done before. I put some groceries from Sam’s in the keep cold bag and I forgot about them!!!!!  I discovered them a few days later and was mortified! A package of salami, a container of fresh mushrooms and a pint of half and half. I may as well have lit $20 on fire and watched it burn. I guess it could have been worse. It can always be worse.

I GOT MY HAIRS CUT!!!!!!! Always a welcome thing. Does my top look familiar Schmenky?


I have a new favorite nail polish color. Got the Blues For Red from OPI. Not my hand below.


Mousey boarded a Greyhound to Chicago for the weekend. She is spending time with The Boy and The Dane, evidently shopping and drinking coffee. I snagged this off of her instagram.


I was texting her last night and sent her this picture of her cat, Lucy, looking like a complete CRAB. As she does. Goiter kitty.Her heart is full of hate.


I then moved on to Sy who is getting cuddlier as the weather grows colder. So I guess he is just a blanket groupie..

IMG_0768 (1)

He slept between me and The Ab-Cat all night long on a down throw while I watched HGTV and saw people buying log houses, with fire places, where he would have been coozied up like a heat seeking missile.


And then he got spicy and tried to bite my feet as they were trying to warm themselves beneath him. Some people!


If he was the Boss of the World he would be The Heat Miser. From The Year Without A Santa Claus? I bet there is thunderous silence on that reference! It’s not a huge favorite like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Santa Claus is Coming to Town, which were pure deliciousness in my book.

The Heat Miser.


His brother The Snow Miser.


Fabulous, I know.

Trying to jog your memory here.

Anyway, if The Snow Miser was in charge, Sy would be ok as long as he had his people and fluffy blankets around. We like him better this way too, he is WAY more loving.

Have a good weekend!


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