A New Pace


Thank you so much for your prayers, they availeth much!

The Grandpa went to have a cat scan on Wednesday morning and it went fine until it was time to leave. He noticed some hives on his upper lip so he turned around and went right back in to ask if that was ok. They said he was probably having a reaction to the contrast dye. They took his blood pressure to find it was 230 over 180, and even more alarming, his heart rate was 28. They sent him right on over to University of Michigan Hospital in an ambulance!

He hung out in the emergency room for a while and they tried different things to bring the blood pressure down and get the heart rate up. Throughout the day his blood pressure straightened up but the stubborn heart rate remained low. They transferred him up to the 7th floor cardiac unit to await a pacemaker to help circumvent his three beats on top to one on the bottom heartbeat.

He was in good spirits throughout, said he had no pain and figured that maybe this was why he had been feeling so tired. Once they brought him some scrub pants he endured confinement and happily whiled away his time with visitors and phone calls. Pants make a big difference in your comfort level and dignity!


He had the procedure this morning and was awake and joking before 3 hours had passed! He was ever so glad to have a visit from his best friend Mrs. H.


Just a few hours later he was back in his room, feeling good and anxiously awaiting his lunch!

I think he is going to have a hard time laying low for the next 6-8 weeks.


The doctor thinks he has been unknowingly struggling with this for some time and the allergic reaction was a total God thing, causing the doctor to see that there was a problem. His cardiologist said he could have just fallen asleep and never woken up, so we are very thankful for the intervention.

Thank you so much for your prayers, he will probably be back to his usual Energizer Bunny ways in no time!

Thank you Lord!


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  1. Yay for the God moments in our lives! Love it when the unexpected reveals things that we would have never known about! He’s such a good God! And how nice that Mrs. H was there too! She’s a sweetie! We will keep him in our prayers and so happy for this good news!


  2. Thanks for the update as I said a prayer after reading your earlier blog. So glad that they found this problem out ahead of time and that he is on the road to full recovery.


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