Thanksgiving Day 2015


I hope everyone had a loverly Thanksgiving, we had a very nice day!

The Boy and The Dane finally arrived on Wednesday, after spending the night in Michigan City, Indiana with their car and its 2 flat tires and 2 destroyed rims. They ran over something big, bad, and most likely metal.


Guess who got 4 new tires and rims? Merry Christmas to them 😦


We were most thankful for their safety. The fact that The Boy did not lose control of his vehicle traveling  70 miles an hour is a kiss on the cheek from God.

We also had the newlyweds Elyk and Alisse staying with us for the holiday. I have no picture of Elyk but I caught his bride, The Pug Mama, heading out for her morning run.


Y’All, she had on TURKEY SOCKS! So stinkin’ cute!


The Grandpa and our good friends The Hostler’s joined us for dinner and games. And second dinner at about 8 p.m. Is that a thing at your house too?

I am sad to say that I have no pictures of Grandpa. He left with his second dinner before the games began and I had not taken any pictures before that!

The Hostler’s always have a new game or three. The Boy gave it a whirl.


This one reminded me of Taboo but you had to put descriptive tiles up on the board in categories of like, sort of and not. I liked it!


I like their faces.


Jon was game too.

IMG_1105 (1)

Honey can’t speak without using his hands. It’s a daygo thing.


Lots of yummy food, much good conversation and many laughs. We were missing our Uncle Bob, Aunt Phyllis, Lindsay, Rob B, Mike and Nora, who were celebrating down in Florida this year.

I sent my Uncle Bob a picture of one of his favorites, Mrs. Davis’ coconut pound cake. We have observed that he can schnibble away at a cake like it’s his J.O.B. with the excuse that he is just “evening it up”. I told him that we needed his help and he replied that he would love a piece with a cup of coffee! They were missed.


That cake is gone, gone, gone already.

The day was long and full for Sy. While we played games he snuggled with his favorite Mouse under a cozy blanket.


They both share fondness for the blankie.


He finally just had to flat out crash.

IMG_1091 (1)

We are thankful for family and friends to celebrate with!


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