Family Leaf Rake Day


I guess we are going back to last weekend here, there are a few more things to wrap up the holiday. Both Elyk and Alisse and The Boy and The Dane packed up and peeled out on Sunday, but two things happened before The Boy and The Dane got out of town.

Firstly, apparently The Boy does not have a safety lock on his phone. This is what happens when sisters make this discovery.


I heard that Elyk got wind of that fact as well. I did not see his contributions, nor do I want to.


Secondly, Honey got a Thanksgiving present.

Honey was hope, hope, hoping that we would have some decent weather so he could get his hearts desire, Family Leaf Raking Day. Or The Worst Day of the Year as Mousey and I refer to it. This year we had help!!!!! Actually, The Dane also helped us last year, and we were very thankful!

The Boy did not help and we were trying to figure out why. Then we remembered  that he was probably indisposed, as he was the majority of last year. Leaf raking and vomiting do not go hand in hand. So really, we were very happy that he is feeling so much better this year that he was able to partake in the festival of leaves. That’s my side of the story anyway.


So he was available to rake this year, lucky him! Seriously, we were very glad to have the help. it’s a lot of work for a mama with a tricky back and one small Mouse. Many hands make light work. Or lighter.

Mousey and I kind of have a system. Honey straps on his leaf blower and rousts all the leaves out of the landscaping beds and hedges (no small feat) and we rake them onto our old pool leaf net that we no longer use because we have a fabulous new and improved, WAY better pool cover and we don’t need no stinkin’ leaf net!!!!!!!

That’s a LOT of autumnal droppage right there. After we rake the front yard up we drag it all behind our house and release it to the field. This was a much easier task with 4 people, as opposed to the afore mentioned mama with the tricky back and her small Mouse, huffing and puffing, and maybe even grunting.


Who knew leaves were so heavy??


Then we must disperse them,


and kick them. Yay, Family Leaf Raking Day is finished!!!!!!! Only it wasn’t. Honey had a few more areas that needed leaf removal attention.


And then we were done!!!!!!!!! Thanks Guys!



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