Weekly Sy


It’s hard to believe we have had this little nugget living with us for a whole year! Yes, it was a year ago that The Ab-Cat and I drove down to Chicago to pick up The Boy, The Dane and their fur child Sy and bring them and a bunch of stuff that was not going to fit in their new, on campus apartment. Unfortunately for them Sy was not welcome there either, and that is how we came to take possession of the little mister.

Can you tell he loves blanket season?

IMG_1130 (1)

There have been a few highs and many lows this year, but when he is asleep all seems right in our home. It’s the awake, stalking, fighting, sassy, bitey, and also spicy times when we want to give him a swirly in the toilet of his choice. He does so love the toilet.

But, when he is napping….

IMG_0810 (1)

…it is SO hard not to bother him!

He has still not learned that if you run up on others of your own kind it feels like an attack, even if you are just saying hello.

Or that others of your own kind do not like it when you get all up in their business, especially not their tail end business. Good grief Man, they are LADIES!

And stop lying in wait when they are using the litter box, always a bad idea and you would not like it either!!!!! Everyone needs a little private time!

On the other hand, he is endlessly optimistic that they will be his friends someday, so he just keeps trying. Even when they hate him with every single hair on their bodies and also the ones they leave all over the house.

Sy has decided that he is a fan of Christmas, I discovered him already napping on the stockings! I thought he was going to lose his mind yesterday, all of the boxes and bags to smell, get inside and lick. Oh yes, he is a Bag Licker. Weirdo.


He was even on the step ladder with me, he wasn’t moving for anything.

He is a grade A, #1 pain in the rear but we love him.

I bought a new little pre-lit Christmas tree to set on a table. The ceramic one from last year proved too pitiful, but I was not willing to put up our tall one for the sake of my own sanity. Christmas would be tarnished if I had to spend all my spare time yelling and squirting Sy out of the tree. So we are testing the Christmas tree waters with a 4 foot tree. It was still standing this morning when I woke up, I’m calling that a VICTORY!!!!!


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