Mousey Gets the Mousies


About every three months I go to the pet store to buy cat food, because guess what fat felines like to do? Sometimes I pick up a 3 pack of catnip mousies. The elder felines and the young punk enjoy the catnip mousies!

I always find it strange that they have about 20 mousies and other small random things that count as cat toys and yet there are none in their toy box. Where do they go?

Every so often Mousey takes pity on their poor toy-less souls and gets out Honey’s handy dandy back scratcher and fishes around under the couch for some lost rodents, crinkly fish, furry balls and the ever enjoyable pony tail elastic..

The last time she did this she was perplexed; there were none under the couches. Well, that was strange. Then she looked under the dresser. THERE THEY WERE!!!!!


That ought to keep them busy for a while, let the wild rumpus begin!!!!!

IMG_3017 (1)

They were mostly gone by the next day :/


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  1. This toy retrieval has been a constant issue at our house also. The most fruitful finds are under the frig and oven. In our house the most regarded tool is the yard stick we have at least 3 just in case.


  2. My daughter loses rolled up socks like that…many pairs and every now and then we go on a hunt and find a dozen or so pairs. They never last long…could be because she never puts her socks away, but cats are crazy for stuff like that!

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