A Warm December List


Last week was a little bit of hectic tangled into a ball. How about a list?

BSF is over for the month, to be resumed the first week of January. The Lord knows I love our class and all the women, and the Lord knows we need a break in December.

But before we could get to a break there was a fellowship luncheon to pull off on Wednesday and then class day on Thursday.

The luncheon was fine, it just required many bursts of activity on Admin’s part to shop, prepare and set up, but it was a nice afternoon.

Class day is usually not an issue. I seem to recall I actually used the phrase “it’s all gravy”. BUT our good friend Marilyn up in the tech booth is transitioning from Admin to a group leader position, so she was training Dear Sandra, our former class secretary, to take her place. And our class administrator Trenda  was learning as well because sometimes it’s good to have a backup. So that left me as the face of the lobby, and for some reason a great many people had great need to speak with me and my face and ask me many, many questions! Hectic!

I received a surprise phone call from The Grandpa on Thursday evening telling me not to worry but he was again in the emergency room at University of Michigan Hospital, this time with pain in his side.

He told me that they were releasing him that evening and he would talk to me in the morning. Imagine my surprise when I got home from walking on Friday morning to hear that he was still there and he was going to have surgery to remove a kidney stone!! I spent the day with him and our good friend Mrs. H in the short stay area until they finally came and got him at about 5:30 p.m.. They returned him around 9:30 and he was able to leave the next morning in pretty good shape. I told him he has used ALL of his hospital points for the year!!!

I don’t know if all of you non Michiganders are aware of this but it has been in the upper 60s around here this weekend!!!!! Perfect weather for Honey and I to get that last smackeral of outside work done and put the yard to bed for the winter. I raked a tiny bit and cut the front yard grass (because The Boy cut the backyard on Thanksgiving weekend) in a long sleeve shirt, and even that was warm!

Keelyody and I are still walking! We have already walked in heavier coats, headbands and mittens but today we were back to hoodies with no gloves. Spring in December! Our bigger problem is the darkness at 7:30. It’s a little too darkish out there.

Is anyone excited about Star Wars coming out???!!! The Ab-Cat is BESIDE herself! I predict there is a movie in our future this weekend!

Speaking of movies, Abby brought home Ant Man from the library last weekend. We are all in agreement that we quite liked it!

My number one, two, and three priorities today are to finish my Bible study for our Tuesday class, go to the beauty supply store to buy my hair color so Mousey can fix me, and go to the library in the next door town and get the book I need to HURRYUPANDREAD for book club next Monday night. It’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond, otherwise known as The Pioneer Woman. Our hostess and good friend Laurie assured me it is a quick read. Please Lord, make it so. Abby has been unable to get it for me from our library in any way, shape or form, all month.

Tonight is the last Birthday Club of the year! 2015 is winding down people!

Have a good Monday!

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  1. You have been busy! So glad Gramps is doing fine. I am loving this weather but can’t seem to get out much to enjoy it. I’m sure winter is arriving very soon!


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