The Week of Christmas List


Good morning and welcome to the week of Christmas. For a child that statement is nothing but exciting! For an adult there is much mental work going on. Reviewing your to do list, checking it twice because you doubt your mental acuity, and making yet another last trip to the store to get that one last gift you forgot or ingredient you need for a Christmas meal.

It’s a lot people.

How about a here and there list because that is where my mind is lately.

Went to see Young Goomba’s piano recital yesterday! He played When the Saints Go Marching In like a boss!!!! Very proud of him and all of his hard work! He was rocking a cute new do as well, hopefully I can capture that on Christmas Day for y’all.


Mousey is a fan of the sleep mask. She has had many over the years but I do believe she bought my favorite one EVAH yesterday from Five Below! Cat Woman!


Don’t read any support into her sweatshirt. It came from a thrift store, she cares for NO team.

This is on our mantel. I was standing in front of the fireplace trying to warm myself in our house on planet Hoth, and I thought it looked right purty. That is all.

My photography skills are…lacking.


I am reading this verse daily. I need its assurance. I am distracted and need some mooring.


Those verses dated 1980 were memorized in my junior and senior years of Bible class in high school. I have never forgotten them. See? Hidden in my heart.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me nervous. This is WAY below my comfort level. I like to have this cabinet full, with a package or two in the closet. Who am I? I need to get to Sam’s. Pronto.


We also only have a half of a pint of half and half left in the fridge. It’s like I don’t even recognize myself. We still have butter though, I’m not a complete basket case.

I am sad that my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis and their family will not be in The Mitten for Christmas. I can’t remember a Christmas without them in all of my 53 years. We will miss them as we gather at Beeve and Stacey’s on Christmas Day. We will joyfully see them in February when we travel down to their neck of the woods in Florida!

Speaking of my Uncle Bob, I have been trying to convince him to have a DNA test. His wife is too. She thinks he looks so much like Bernie Madoff that we must have Jewish blood in our veins. Which would be AWESOME! I watch a show called Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and he does a more specific type of DNA testing that can tell you a more detailed view of your roots. Percentage of Asian, European, African, Jewish and other things. So detailed that it can sometimes tell African Americans which country they came from!

All of this is very appealing to me as that side of the family does not have any information concerning their origins. Honey is half Belgian and half Italian, easy peasy. On my father’s side they can trace back to Mennonites from the Swiss Palatinate. No one was more shocked than I was to discover I descended from this!!!!


So anyway, here is Bernie Madoff.


And our beloved Uncle Bob. Clearly superior in looks AND character!!!


There’s something you can get me for Christmas Girls!!!! A DNA kit for your old Uncle Bob!!!

Ok, time to go walking with Keelyody. We can hardly believe we are still walking! This is the latest we have ever continued into December in all our years!

Well, I lied. Just went outside and its raining. We are total fair weather walkers. There’s always tomorrow.

Have a productive Monday.


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  1. This is the time of year I wake up mentally scrolling my to-do list. We were out of town this past weekend for a wedding, so SUDDENLY it’s Christmas week. I know we have the date all year long, but why does it seem to sneak up on me? I am going out to walk now, as we have rain the rest of the week. Merry Christmas!


    • I know exactly how you feel, when we return from our vacation in the fall I always feel as if the holidays are breathing down my neck!
      Merry Christmas to you, enjoy having your Girls in the same state as you!


  2. Kelly, I haven’t checked in for quite awhile.–just wanted to let you know that Paul Buursma passed away last night. Do you remember Dirk and Harriet Buursma from Grand Rapids at the Joni Retreats? Their son Paul was in a wheelchair, their other kids are Abby and Nate? Paul had a disease that made it hard for him to breathe, and he contracted pneumonia. Very sad for the family, but his faith was strong so he is rejoicing right now! Also–we are going to Israel on a tour Dec. 27 through Jan 5! We are getting very excited!! We had Christmas with the kids this past weekend. They are both great! (I wish you were on facebook!) Blessings, Ellen and Phil


  3. Mousey needs to rock that shirt!!! They have to beat Alabama. Also, what kind of bible is in that pic? Probably thirty minutes ago, Darrel and I were discussing my lack of a good study bible and I come on here and first thing I notice in the pic of your verse and the abundance of highlighters, just as God intended. I ran into the the man cave to show him that this is what a study bible is suppose to look like.😆


    • Hey Girly,
      It’s just a NIV Student Bible and I love it for the little tidbits it offers in the side margins. The highlighting is all mine, I am a mark up your Bible kind of girl! I try and write the date and the study I learned it in or who I heard it from, it’s like a little journal of my life. Those 1980 verses we had to memorize in high school Bible class!!
      Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy HEALTHY New Year!😘

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