Pictionary 1988


I found these old Christmas pictures while looking for something else, as you do. I don’t think I ever did find what I was seeking, but these make me smile. I know it’s not Way Back When-sday, but humor me if you will.

For many years we got together around the holidays with my Aunt Ava and Uncle Frank, Girl Cousin Kay and her husband Stan and daughter Carol, Beeve,  Honey and I. And then added our kids as they came.


It was always a LOT of fun!


We usually had dinner, opened some presents, visited and then got down to the business of playing games!

That precious peanut of a little gal is probably around 30 years old now!!!! How did THAT happen??!!


I was pregnant with The Ab-Cat and nearing my all time fighting weight.


Many times we gave and received our latest, favorite games.


As you can see, we frequently had the same good idea.


After dinner we got down to business playing Pictionary for the first time. Many of the drawings were hilarious, but there was one in particular that we about lost our minds over.


I’m not sure who documented Girl Cousin Kay and I, but these are some of my favorite pictures of all time.




still going,

IMG_1221 (1)

I’m dying here,


And gone! Here is the artist,


and his “Hall of Fame” drawing of a horse!!!!!!!


Ahhh, good times!


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