Thoughts from New Years Eve 2015


We are about to put 2015 to bed, commit it to history, and I am having some thoughts.

Our Christmas was nice and quiet. It seemed a fitting end to the year.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with our dear friends The Hostlers. I do not have one picture to show for the evening, but we checked out a new restaurant in our area called Black Rock, and had a lot of fun cooking our steaks on our own, personal 750 degree, boiling hot lava rocks in front of us. It seems tricky and dangerous, but produces a yummy steak! Several of us ordered the steak and lasagna combination and I was not the only one who took the entire lasagna home! I have had it twice for lunch since and I’m pretty sure there is still a slice kicking around in the fridge.

I totally lifted this picture from Awesome Autumn’s instagram. That cheesy blob in the background? Lasagna. That steak dipped in garlicky butter? YUM.


We came back to the house and played some games, including 2 card games that I am ashamed to tell you I could not figure out on threat of death. We also played a fun game we have played before that I cannot recall the name of. Honey coined a new term that will passed down in our family for all time, unless we forget it and we only remember when someone stumbles across this blog post. I give you the CHIMINEY SOCK.


Nurse Lauren talked a little bit about our evening on her vlog here. We are very thankful that they feel the same way that we do, much love to them! And ALSO, we are clearly internet stars now, having actually appeared on a VLOG!

On Christmas Day we headed over to my brother Beeve and his wife Stacey’s for MORE STEAK!!! We quite enjoyed the nontraditional Christmas meal and could have possibly started a new tradition! The Ab-Cat, our resident carnivore, said that Beeve makes great steak, and then added in a hushed tone, possibly better than Honey! Then she covered her mouth and said she felt sacrilegious saying that!!!!!

Medium Goomba received many games, Abby is always up for a little game playing with him!


Such concentration.


Honey got a selfie stick for Christmas!!! We had a LOT of fun trying to figure out what the heck we were doing!


They are a little blurry and I have no idea why.


There is an art to the selfie. We are not artists.


Now I can understand all those weird pictures on Facebook of people looking in the bathroom mirror trying to capture their best sides. Kind of sorta. Not really. You are in the bathroom people, can’t get past that.


At least we are all looking in the proper direction and no one is being inappropriate.


No idea what this is about.


I then took the selfie show on the road to the other couch with Medium Goomba and The Grandpa.


I think Goomba has done this before, just a guess.


Obligatory strange pose.


Our host and hostess, Beeve and Stacey!


Stacey’s parents were also in attendance. Sharon and Turk were good sports when I brought the traveling selfie stick around.


We hate glasses glare.


Another Mrs. Davis’ coconut pound cake consumed.


Thanks guys for a very nice day!


We left there to go to see the new Star Wars movie, FINALLY! Everyone was in agreement that we loved it!

And here we are, the tail end of the year. A time of reflection.

As usual there have been high and lows. My year started with the funeral of the husband of a lovely gal from BSF. It was completely unexpected and will never be understood this side of heaven. Many more funerals followed, some were tragic because they were sudden and struck people that seemed too young, too full of life to be taken. At one time I was praying for 5 widows daily. Others were more of a natural, circle of life variety. All bring a change that no one seeks.

Yesterday was the final funeral of the year. Honey’s neice Brandy, a young wife and mother, spent the last 2 years bravely battling cancer. Forty one years is way too few for a beautiful woman with a family to raise. I will always remember her smile and gentle spirit.


Life is short People, way to short for some of the nonsense that can consume us.

I love this verse. I want immeasurably more, we need immeasurably more, and I am so thankful that it is according to His power within me because I am not powerful on my own.


So I am going into 2016 looking for that immeasurably more than I could hope or imagine, looking for how His power is at work within me and in our life. He is able to do immeasurably more. That is going to be my phrase for 2016. To Him be the glory.

Happy New Year Friends.


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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours! I was just reading Eph. 3 today and I’m going to agree with for 2016 to look for more than what we could ever ask or think or imagine! All through His power! Blessings to you and good job with the selfie stick!!!


  2. Happy New Year Schmenk and to the rest of The Schmenkmans! Praying for you to have a wonderful year with peace in your heart ❤ Love you all!


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