Tuesday Niblets


Y’All, it was 10 degrees when I got up this morning. Pure Michigan.

The walking season with Keelyody is finally over. We walked the Monday after Christmas and we have NEVER ever walked that far into December before!!! The ground is still walkable but the air is just too cold. All that arctic winter blasting you full on the forehead is glacial. My glasses felt like they were freezing to my face. We are ok with the break, I say WELL DONE to us!!!!!

The Ab-Cat is on her way to a job interview at a nearby hospital. I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I can’t decide if they are excited butterflies or nervous butterflies. At any rate, they are flying. As are the prayers.

I have been perusing Pinterest lately, looking for some new recipes. Honey finally replaced the battery in our bathroom scale and it is apparent I need some attention. Or an intervention. Not as bad as it could have been though, due to the fact that I did not bake, at all.

Except for the Mrs. Davis’ coconut pound cake that we took on Christmas Day. It was schnibbled to a slow glorious death in the following days. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We had a fondue on New Years Day with Mousey’s new “friend”. It was a nice time of eating and getting to know him better. We try very hard not to grill, but, you know how that is.

At the recommendation of Rae Babe, Honey and I watched a show on Netflix called The Great British Baking Show! Amateur bakers, baking all sorts of things we had never heard of! Rae Babe had mentioned that what struck her was how nice they all were to each other, none of the mean spirited sniping stuff that we see in our reality shows on this side of the pond. Even  their one on one interviews with the cameras were sweet, and they were even helpful to each other. We liked it a lot. There was only one season on Netflix, perhaps there will be another soon.

I also got caught up on my DVR’d Code Black series. I was getting so far behind I was thinking about dropping it. I have mentioned before it is hard for me to watch a show that no one else in our house watches. I just don’t sit down to watch tv by myself. But I am glad I binge watched it over a couple days. It reminds me a lot of ER, which was one of my all time favorite shows.

BSF starts back up this week! Almost finished with my lesson and looking forward to seeing all of the ladies!

Lets meet back here tomorrow for the Hodgepodge, okay?


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