The Weekly Sy PLUS


Plus other stuff. I was looking through my phone pictures and found our dear friends The Hostlers from Christmas Eve! And I thought I didn’t take any photos! Jona-fin was looking festive and spiffy as Buddy the Elf. He wins, all the rest of us can do is try.


Read this in the BSF notes this morning. We serve an on time God, can I get an amen? Sent this to a loved one undergoing tests this morning and now it is shown to you.


My car, Juanita, had a health crisis yesterday. She drove me to BSF just like she always does, but when I got back in to leave, she just clicked at me. Or ticked. With each little click and or tick she was repeating; no, no, no, no. One of the pastors from the church where we meet tried to give me a jump, but she was not receiving it.

Dear Sandra graciously brought me home and Honey and I headed back over later in the afternoon. Juanita was resolute in her insistence that she was not starting, so we took her battery in and the good man at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts confirmed that The Force was not with her. After installing her newly purchased battery she started right up like the reliable gal I know her to be! I am thanking, thanking, THANKING the Lord that it was just a bum battery and not a towable offense!!!

I think this is the first Weekly Sy of 2016!

Have you seen that expression “if it fits, it sits”? Seymour has many places to lounge in our home, so I was surprised to see him in this long, narrow basket given to me one Christmas by my friend Pam. He barely fit.


This cat tree is one of his favorite places to sit. We used to call it his sassy spot because he was spicy and naughty in it, like it was his own personal perch of misbehavior. He has come a long way in his year with us. He is about 80% less bitey and can actually be touched when on his sassy tree. He has decided that he loves everyone in the house, and has his own quirky relationships with us all.

There’s our #prettyguysy!


He continues to save his best love and special devotion for Abby. But he is basically promiscuous, he will sleep on and with anyone.

The elder felines continue to hate him with every ounce in their bodies. And if you knew them, that is a lot.

Have a good weekend.


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  1. I had an old car that did me that way whenever I mentioned that she might need to be traded in on a newer model. And she didn’t even need to hear the actual words!!! It was usually the gas filter that needed jiggling but she did choose very inopportune times to pull her little tricks. Glad Juanita is as good as new—-those heart transplants are amazing.


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