Some Day…


As of last October, The Ab-Cat has been in a wheelchair for 20 years. She was 6 years old when she sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident. She drives her own accessibly adapted mini van. complete with hand controls and under van lift. You know those handicapped parking places that have the extra room next to them with the blue lines through them? Those are the parking places she requires. On occasion she isn’t able to get one and has to use a regular handicapped parking space, which are wider on average usually. When she has to use that kind, she needs to park as close to the left blue line as she can so she will be able to have enough room for the ramp to come out.

On occasion she has parked successfully only to return and find someone else has parked poorly and made it impossible for her to get the ramp out. Life happens, and what are you going to do? Because she is an independent and resourceful girl, she opens the sliding door, transfers herself in and then pulls the wheelchair up and in, without the aid of her ramp. She then pulls herself up and into her seat and is on her way. A LOT more exertion on her part, but no one goes to prison for parking poorly.

Handicap parking is one of the nicer things about being disabled, a perk if you will. In no way, shape or form does it make up for the many indignities, disadvantages, difficulties, or general unfairness that go with the label. I know there are people who misuse the blue placard, I have probably observed a few in my lifetime, but I also know that not all disabilities are seen with the eye. I don’t judge who uses the parking space, that’s not my job.

But apparently not everyone feels the same. They do feel it’s their job to chastise, even if it is in complete ignorance, and by GOLLY, they are going to call you O.U.T.!

Abby was going to an appointment and the parking lot had only 2 handicapped spots. one van accessible with the blue lines and one without. She said someone was standing in the one she needed, talking on their cell phone. Because she is an non-confrontational, not demanding her rights kind of girl, she opted to park in the other spot, trying to stay to the left to give her a tad more room. She parked her ramp accessible mini van with the handicapped sticker on her license plate and proceeded to her appointment. She came out to find a note on her windshield.




At first she was upset. No one likes to be accused of something completely unfounded. Mousey and I convinced her that it was hilariously ABSURD! And then we all LAUGHED!! Oh, did we laugh! In particular at the Some Day and the chipper Have a nice day!!, and everything in general!

Some people is dumb.

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  1. Well…this just makes me angrier than all git out!!!! It seems to me that the note maker might be handicapped visually to have missed the tags and placard and definately handicapped in common sense. Congrats on taking the high road.


  2. Well written, Kel, and congrats to Ab-Cat for her unassuming and humble spirit. Glad you enjoyed a good laugh as that is definitely the high road in this case.


  3. I’m glad you could laugh about this, and I admire your daughter’s spirit. People are just ridiculous. The note writer apparently has a handicap of the heart!


  4. People is dumb…sorry that happened. It’s interesting because ramp-equipped vans usually have a slightly different look to them. To not-dumb people, I think it is obvious. I can’t imagine leaving a note on anyone’s car, but esp not a ramp-equipped van…gee whiz!

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