Happy Birthday to the BLOB!


Guys, I almost forgot!!!!!

Today is the blobs 8th birthday! How can that be?

Eight years ago today Mrs. Schmenkman and I took a leap and started blogs. I am happy to say we are still plugging along!


I blogged so much at No Whining Allowed that I ran out of space and had to start blogging over here! So its a double birthday, 7 years there,1 year here and 8 years total!

I still love my blog, still so glad to have this record of our life, and very glad to have a connection with all of you!

Sometimes Honey asks me if I can remember some event or time frame. I usually can’t remember precisely, but I usually say I can probably figure it out on the blog. And I can!


My biggest regret is not starting sooner, so I could have had a better journal when the kids were younger.

This date totally snuck up on me. Mrs. Schmenkman and I just had a conversation on the phone this morning, we chatted a little about our blobs (as we do) and then moved on to other news, like how she is in high gear preparing for the mighty Blizzard of 2016. They are right in the center of the purple Cone of Concern and are expecting anywhere from 24 to 50 inches of Devil’s Dandruff! Let us hope she does not preemptively kill her neighbor!! Which may be a bigger concern than you realize!

And now, what you long time readers have come to expect at this time of year, I will shamelessly troll for comments. It would be a very fine birthday present indeed if you would click on the comment button below and leave a few words. Known readers, new readers and mystery readers, all are welcome!


Most of all I would like to thank you for joining me, I love this little corner of my life and having you all along makes it even more fun! OK everybody, let’s comment!


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  1. Happy blobversary! I am not sure how many years I have been reading, maybe 7ish, but I do know that I found you from one of Big Mamas linky parties back in the day. I think the party involved taking pictures of ones closets. I dont remember what you said, but I remember laughing and thinking we have the same sense of humor. I have been following you ever since and consider you a friend.


  2. Truthfully, your blob is one of the highlights of my day. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say because you write it the way you say it, and it makes me laugh, it makes me feel like I am right in the room with you.


  3. Life’s demands change our focus but you have persevered with the blob and have given your reader’s and yourself a wonderful gift. Thank you!


  4. Your shameless trolling for comments has landed a big Jip the Farm Dog comment!!! I may rarely comment, but I am a faithful reader of the blob! Like Heifer Ann, it is often the highlight of my day.
    Happy blobversary! I look forward to enjoying it for another year.


  5. Happy Anniversary. I so enjoy reading about your days and of course love the pictures. Days happen so fast and it is a new way of keeping in touch I know but…..still keeping in touch. Hugs.


  6. I, too, love keeping up with you family news via the Blog. I congratulate you on staying with it for eight years. That is certainly an accomplishment. Thanks, too, for the nuggets of inspiration that you weave in with your writings. I admire your faithfulness and transparency.


    • Thank you for your sweet comment! I was just asking my Uncle Bob about a picture I found and he responded and told me a memory about my Grandma working at a cotton mill and picking cotton with him at the end of a row on a blanket while she worked!
      I’m not picking cotton here, but hopefully preserving some memories for our children.


  7. I am still an avid blob-stalker and look forward to your thoughful, humorous, and inspiring posts. Hope you have a wonderful 2016 and congrats on having a well-lived blob.

    And who knows? Maybe we’ll see you on a random trip to South Haven again this year. 😛

    -Joanie K. from the west side of MI.


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