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Birthdays, Cubs and The Weekly Sy


First and foremost, a big old Happy Birthday to our darling Ab-Cat!!!!! Our precious, firstborn baby girl!


Wishing her a wonderful year with many new adventures!


Honey and I went to an estate sale near our house because he likes to do that sort of thing. They didn’t have anything we wanted but I did like the fireplace in their walkout basement!!!! What do you think Honey?


Beeve and Medium Goomba stopped by last week for some reason I have now forgotten. They were coming from Goomba’s Cub Scout meeting. There’s my favorite Cub!


The Weekly Sy in sepia tone…


…and black and white. He was waiting patiently while his person had her curly locks chemically straightened. Yay Ab-Cat, no more nap!


Sy is not here, he has gone on vacation. He is on loan to his favorite bed and breakfast; Jip the Farm Dog’s house! A birthday present for her husband Jaw’s BIG 5-0!!!!!

She sent this yesterday. He is already all up in her BSF lecture planning business when she should be busting his tail for being ON THE TABLE! She said he thoroughly cased the joint upon arrival, sat on her lap a minute, then retraced his steps to see if he missed anything. He loves many aspects of The Farm Dog’s vacation destination.


These are pictures from his last visit down on the Farm. He love, love, LOVES her view.



As I knew he would. He is all about being advantageously higher. Of course he has no elderly felines to use his advantageous height on.

He especially loves to bother her when she is laboring industriously on her lecture.

Oh yes, yes he did.


He also loved to keep her sacrificially warm. He lives to serve.

As you can see he missed us SO much.


Happy Birthday Jaw!!! Enjoy your squatter, er helper, ah houseguest!!!!!


Have a good weekend!


Five Monday Things


Hi Guys! We had some loverly, spring weather over the weekend! All the way up to 63!!!!!!! We heard rumors it was coming, but this is The Mitten. Michigan weather does what it wants, whenever it wants. Today it is a brisk 30.

It was also very WINDY. Like Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day windy. The Ab-Cat went on her regular library run and recorded it for proof. Unfortunately I cannot / don’t know how to insert videos, so you get one of my all time favorite photos of Abby!


Speaking of the Ab-Cat, we straightened her hair yesterday. She probably had 3-4 inches of nappy going on and it was desperately needing beautification. She is now silky smooth!

IMG_2876 (1)

This is very true. I’m sorry but I just.can’

Don’t fight it, don’t fight it, it will do your heart so good.

Baby I can’t fight this feeling anymore.

#sorrynotsorry #proof #fountainofuselessinformation # itsmyonlygift. #tryingtostop.

We went out for a birthday dinner with my Father’s wife a couple weeks ago. She is trying to get used to her new normal and I don’t have to tell anyone how hard that can be. It has been 8 months since he passed away and she is bravely soldiering on.

Everyone is so thankful that she and my Father had brought home this little burst of love and energy about a year before he passed! My youngest brother, Teddy B. has been a God send, so sweet and such good company for her! He especially loves company!!!!!


After dinner we came back to the house for cake and ice cream and a little Instagram and Facebook lesson in posting pictures. I am here to tell you that it’s hard to remember things when you don’t use them regularly! Nana tracks her grandchildren on these sites, it is very important to be savvy in social media!!!!

IMG_1404 (1)

It was good to see her and celebrate her birthday, even if it was a month belated!


Mousey’s new “friend” also joined us. I will have to ask her what his blob name should be. After all they ARE Facebook official. Teddy loved him very much. The dog is partial to men, he is looking for a father figure since my Dad passed, because he was Teddy’s favorite person.


Happy Birthday to Nana Marilyn!

And here we have Naughty Sy. I can’t remember exactly what his offense was, but I’m pretty sure it involved doing something unkind or indecent to one of the elder feline ladies.


Do you see what we are up against here? No remorse, no shame. Just wide eyed innocence. Or cockiness. Take your pick.

kiiiiiiiiiiiiii-= Speaking of the saucy young buck, he just walked on the keyboard, as he does. He needs to be in the thick of things, where the action is, right ON whatever I am doing.

I had a conversation with my primary care physician last month and she said she didn’t think the urologist was the right place for me and my strange/unique kidney infection to be anymore. Well, ok. She has sent me to visit a whole new herd of doctors over at the Infectious Disease department.

I’m not going to lie, it sounds like a place where they quarantine people. Since I am of no danger to anyone but my own infectious self, that is highly unlikely. I am wavering between hope/curiosity that they will be able to figure out a new and better plan of action, verses pessimism that they will want to do a hundred new tests and basically tell me the same things I already know.

It’s a quandary. I am going to meet them tomorrow with the NINE pages of questions they emailed already filled out. Praying they can see something the other doctors have missed. Maybe they have a Dr. House over there. He could figure anything out in the span of an hour, right?

Have a good start to your week!

Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge


Hey there, glad you joined us. If you would like to link up click the button below to head over to Joyce’s.

1. February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It lands on the calendar one day after National Do Something for a Grouch Day (February 16) which somehow feels related. Perhaps the 16th inspired the 17th?
Tell about a time you performed a random act of kindness or were the recipient of one. Will you make an effort to perform a random act of kindness on the 17th? Share details if you’re so inclined, and if you have something specific in mind.

I mentioned last week that my friend The Oreo Mom found a bottle of my favorite chai when she was cleaning out her pantry and gave it to me!!!! I am enjoying it muchly!

I will try and do do an act of kindness but I don’t have anything in mind as yet!
2.What’s the most uplifting or encouraging thing you see happening in the world right now? You may have to dig deep for this one.

Hmmmm, you are right about digging deep, there are a lot of discouraging things happening in our world at the moment!

This is something that I had read about previously but is getting much more attention at present. In our divided political arena, I was encouraged to hear that Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were such close friends. They could not be any more different in their politics and decisions, but were somehow able to work together respectfully and with dignity. The fact that they were able to put aside their differences, and there were many, and become in her words “best buddies” is almost unheard of in our political landscape.

“It was my great good fortune to have known him as working colleague and treasured friend.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It is uplifting and encouraging to know that there are some people in Washington that can bridge the divide. Not exactly a world issue but nice nonetheless.

3. Black olives, black currants, black grapes, black beans, blackberries, Oreos…your favorite food the color of night? Your least favorite on the list?

I like black beans but that seems like a sad favorite. I don’t care for olives so they will be my least.
4. A while back I read (here) a list of twelve things you should do before you turn 50. They were-
travel when you have the chance, take care of your skin, learn a foreign language, make exercise a habit, leave a toxic situation, stop caring what others think about you, stop worrying, volunteer, spend time with your grandparents, pledge to work less, learn to cook an amazing dish, and seize an opportunity as it arises
What do you think of the list? What would you add or remove and why? If you’re over 50, have you done all 12? If you’re not yet 50, have you done any at all? What’s on the list that you haven’t done, but would like to do?

It seems like a very fine list! I don’t think I have done all 12. I probably didn’t start taking care of my skin until I was 50. My skin was always pretty reliable and now it seems like it is finicky. I still don’t know a foreign language and don’t need to pledge to work less.

One thing I might add is try and go into your 50s at a reasonable weight because things do not work the same as they did in your younger years! It is DANG hard to lose weight any more! I also sort of disagree with the travel when you can one. We are hoping to have the time to travel when Honey retires in a year or so. There was not a ton of time to travel before 50.

5. Besides the classic Christmas flicks, what’s your favorite film where winter plays a part in the setting?

 Hmmm. I like You’ve Got Mail, there’s a little winter in there. The Family Stone is nice and snowy. The Day After Tomorrow is SUPER wintery!!!!
6.When did you last feel helpless, and what did you do about it?

That has been a familiar feeling over the last few years. I can’t share the reasons I felt helpless but I can tell you what I did about it, I prayed.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.      Philippians 4:6

Prayers availeth much.

7. Share a favorite proverb.

“There’s no place like home.” is a good one, as is “Actions speak louder than words.”
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Here is the Way Back When-sday part of the post.

This was in a big box of pictures my Dad brought over last year. Our engagement picture!!! 1985, how young, how thin, what BIG hairs!!!!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Keeping Up With The Random


It’s been quiet around here lately, hence the sparse posting. Life is like that on occasion. Then sometimes you have TONS to share and you end up forgetting half of it. True story.

I have a list of random today, some of you assure me that is ok.

The Mitten has been cold with mini blizzards multiple times a day. They don’t ever amount to more than a light covering. Winters fury briefly swirling, and then the sun pops out. Pure Michigan.

Did I mention my old high school buddy Laurie asked me to join her Book Club? I think I might have. I have to say that sometimes its REALLY hard for me to get that book read in a month!!!!! These have been our selections so far.

Booked by Karen Swallow Prior

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond (otherwise known as the Pioneer Woman)

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

And our current,

Peace Like A River by Leif Enger

All have had their good points. It’s kind of fun being in a book club! Plus, getting to know the gals is nice!

Saw this on the Pinterest.


Interesting thought.

Our friend Nurse Lauren has gone back to Madagascar for a second tour on Mercy Ships. She is blogging again, which I love, and we will be able to check in to see how God is working in her life and the lives of the people she serves with. Praying for the Mercy Ship along with its patients and crew.

Mousey’s portable massage table came in and is currently set up in our foyer. While that is not an ideal spot, it has certainly come in handy for her to work on a hurty spot next to the chicken wing portion of my back. YAY MOUSEY!

This years BSF study of Revelation has been hard. There is a lot of weirdness going on, but there is also an amazing amount of good.The Lord is SO patient with us! He really doesn’t want anyone to perish, He continually gives people chances to come to Him and yet the world practically spits it in His face. When you hear about the terrible judgments that are going to come it ought to make us bolder in trying to tell others about the way to receive forgiveness for our sins. The devil is going down and he is furiously trying to take as many as he can with him. He is also trying to make Christians complacent about those who are being lost. I don’t want to be that person. Am I that person? I might be that person.

CMB is coming to get her hairs done today and then we are meeting Jip the Farm Dog for lunch. Girlfriends are a kiss on the cheek from God. I am thankful!

This is my new favorite tea bag.


Bonus, I can drink it at night!

Hoping to be back tomorrow for the Hodgepodge. Hopefully I will not lose my ENTIRE post again like last week  Crabby emoji face inserted here!

Have a good Tuesday.

Potent Quotable


Remembering my Mom today, 6 years in heaven.


On that bright and cloudless morning when the dead in Christ shall rise,
And the glory of His resurrection share;
When His chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the skies,
And the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.


Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

The Lord has promised good to me,
His Word my hope secures;
He will my Shield and Portion be,
As long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess, within the veil,
A life of joy and peace.


Yeah, when I get where I’m going
There’ll be only happy tears
And I will shed the sins and struggles
That I’ve carried all these years

But when I get where I’m going
And I see my Maker’s face
I’ll stand forever in the light
Of His amazing grace

Brad Paisley

Way Back When-sday, Weekly Sy and Stuff


I wrote my ENTIRE Wednesday Hodgepodge post last night, and when I went to post it this morning? POOF, it was gone. Sometimes technology makes me feel like a skunk at a party. Unwanted and alone.

On a happier note! Our friend The Oreo Mom said she had been cleaning out her pantry and found a bottle of my favorite chai, and did I want it?? YES PLEASE!!!!!!! DA-licious!

IMG_1428 (1)

I think I have mentioned before that I have been seeing a natural path doctor who does not approve of Splenda, which is what makes this liquid gold sugar free. It has been a hard, sad, unsatisfying 9 months with the lowly chai teabag and a failed experiment of re-trying coffee. I finally found this that I hated slightly less,


I know, it sounds super gross and sweet, but it’s not. Mousey said she could see why I liked it, she said it was smooth and mellow. I just said it didn’t taste as burnt as all other coffees I tried.

I am not convinced that Splenda is of the devil. Do I think it is good for me and has nutritional value? No, no I don’t. Do I think it causes me all of the problems some say it does? I am not sold. If I continue using Truvia in most everything else, can I sneak a cup of PURE BLISS in the morning? Don’t tell my doctor but I think I might be buying a case of chai!

Here he is, the internet star who has his own blob category AND Instagram hashtag, beloved by tens across the countries, Seymour!

He is not usually down with being held but for some reason he was content in Mousey’s arms yesterday.

IMG_1447 (1)

He stretched and then stayed that way!

IMG_1446 (1)

It’s a good thing we think he is cute, it covers a multitude of his daily sins. Mostly against poor Halle Berry.

IMG_1449 (1)

Here we are going wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to May of 1973! I was 11 and Beeve was 7. There are several things I have to share pertaining to this picture.


Observation number one, Homeboy must have been ready to lose a tooth here! He had perfect little baby teeth and there is a big gap joophering up the works. Other than that he is cute as a bugs ear!


If there was EVER any doubt that I was a cat lover, this little lady made it purrfectly clear that I was. She was actually my second kitty. Some years before we had a cat named Pebbles but she was not allowed in the house. We had her and then we didn’t. Whether she found another home that would actually let her in to live among them or if living one street over from a busy road facilitated her demise, I do not know. I do know I mourned her for many years and was never able to talk my Mom into another pet until my brother brought home this little furball he found while playing on our street.

The family story is that our parents asked him if someone was looking for their missing kitty. He wandered down to the corner, looked both ways, came home and said “nope, nobody lost a kitty”, and that was that! Muff was a much loved member of the family for 19 years.


I even love the back of the picture. From the new way I was making my a’s and n’s, to my future scrapbookers attention to detail in naming the location, the specific date, as well as the notation of what I considered the Main Event!


Have a detailed day!

Wednesday Hodgepodge


Happy February Guys! Glad you could drop by. If you would like to join us click on the button below to head over to Joyce’s., our hostess with the mostess.

1. Describe love using all five senses.

Sight: That little skip your heart does when you see your loved one. It lets you know that they are your people.

Hearing: Laughter. It brings us together, it makes life better, it sounds like love.

Touch: There is nothing like a hug from a loved one. It conveys so much. I love you, I’ve missed you, I treasure you, thank you, you make me happy!

Taste: Honey received a sticker from a company he buys spices from, it said “Love people, cook them tasty food”. He’s Italian, he does love to cook yummy food for his family. It’s a labor of love. That is probably why we have always gathered around the table.

Smell: I used to always tell my kids that nothing smelled better than my clean, just bathed children. Pure love. 

2. February is Canned Food Month. What’s your favorite food that comes straight from a can?

I can’t think of anything that we eat that comes straight from a can. I think of canned food as strictly ingredients, added to something else. Tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce, black beans in soup or burrito bowls. We don’t even eat soup straight from a can. I am thankful for the convenience though!
3. A principal in a UK school recently sent home a letter to parents requesting they (the parents!) dress appropriately when escorting their children to/from school (basically saying please don’t wear your pajamas) You can read the letter here. It’s gotten a lot of publicity, both positive and negative. Your thoughts? And do/did you ever make the school run (or hit Starbucks, Walmart, etc) in your pjs?

Wow, you wouldn’t think that would need to be said for school functions. I will admit that I might have thrown a sweat suit over my pjs when I drove our kids to school, but I did not get out of the car!

I do not usually wear pajamas outside our home, and certainly not to the store!
4. Crew neck, V-neck, turtleneck, scoop neck…which is most prevalent in your wardrobe?

A V or a scoop. I got rid of ALL my turtlenecks when I arrived at the season of hot flashes. You can’t peel that fast enough! High crew necks seem a little claustrophobic to me.
5. I read here recently a list of four things to avoid so you wake up happier. They were late night snacks, hitting the snooze button, social media just before bed/upon waking, checking emails.
Are you guilty of any of these behaviors? Which on that list do you need to work harder at avoiding?

I might check e-mail or social media before bedtime. I can’t say that it affects my happiness upon waking though. I probably won’t avoid it, it’s just a habit and it causes me no issue.
6. Share something you remember about a house you lived in as a child? Of all the homes you lived in as a child, which did you love best?

It had a great side porch. A little half wall with a slab of concrete, like a counter, it was covered so it was a haven in rain. We played on it all the time. If you were sitting on the ground the half wall shielded you, so it seemed a little secretive unless you directly came around the corner. I guess it was our play house.
7.Your favorite movie based on a true story?

I really liked Temple Grandin.  It did not look interesting because of the cattle element, but Abby had heard it was SO good and she was right. As a matter of fact, I think I would like to watch it again someday.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Mousey started classes this semester for massage therapy in a medical setting. She just picked up her brand spanking new table yesterday and needed to practice draping on a client. I was very happy to oblige her because she threw in a little massage for my trouble. Oh, I am going to like this very much. V.E.R.Y. M.U.C.H.!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

A Present from Jip and Jaw


It’s February Y’All, one month closer to spring!

We received a very fine gift last fall from my dear friend Jip the Farm Dog and her husband Jaw. It got lost in the Christmas/not blogging much shuffle.

Back in September I wrote about Honey finding a painting on Craigslist by his favorite artist.


That made two he has acquired. He was very pleased with his purchase! Because Jip reads the blob daily, but only comments ONCE a year, she was aware of Honey’s great love.

Jip and Jaw are very active in supporting the private school where their boys attended. They were at a fundraising auction last October when I received her text.



In the middle of that last text she and Jaw brought the painting over, they had won the bid and gave the painting to Honey, and me, because we are married and do/get everything together.

While I love the painting, I love the last text even more.


Thanks Jip and Jaw. Beyond measure is a lot and the feeling is very much mutual.


And they didn’t even get the cat for their trouble.

Good friends are a kiss on the cheek from a really good God.