A Present from Jip and Jaw


It’s February Y’All, one month closer to spring!

We received a very fine gift last fall from my dear friend Jip the Farm Dog and her husband Jaw. It got lost in the Christmas/not blogging much shuffle.

Back in September I wrote about Honey finding a painting on Craigslist by his favorite artist.


That made two he has acquired. He was very pleased with his purchase! Because Jip reads the blob daily, but only comments ONCE a year, she was aware of Honey’s great love.

Jip and Jaw are very active in supporting the private school where their boys attended. They were at a fundraising auction last October when I received her text.



In the middle of that last text she and Jaw brought the painting over, they had won the bid and gave the painting to Honey, and me, because we are married and do/get everything together.

While I love the painting, I love the last text even more.


Thanks Jip and Jaw. Beyond measure is a lot and the feeling is very much mutual.


And they didn’t even get the cat for their trouble.

Good friends are a kiss on the cheek from a really good God.


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  1. I didn’t know that PCA auctioned off a LeGault! But had I attended last October, I would have seen. I’ve always liked TG’s trees outside of the frame.


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