Way Back When-sday, Weekly Sy and Stuff


I wrote my ENTIRE Wednesday Hodgepodge post last night, and when I went to post it this morning? POOF, it was gone. Sometimes technology makes me feel like a skunk at a party. Unwanted and alone.

On a happier note! Our friend The Oreo Mom said she had been cleaning out her pantry and found a bottle of my favorite chai, and did I want it?? YES PLEASE!!!!!!! DA-licious!

IMG_1428 (1)

I think I have mentioned before that I have been seeing a natural path doctor who does not approve of Splenda, which is what makes this liquid gold sugar free. It has been a hard, sad, unsatisfying 9 months with the lowly chai teabag and a failed experiment of re-trying coffee. I finally found this that I hated slightly less,


I know, it sounds super gross and sweet, but it’s not. Mousey said she could see why I liked it, she said it was smooth and mellow. I just said it didn’t taste as burnt as all other coffees I tried.

I am not convinced that Splenda is of the devil. Do I think it is good for me and has nutritional value? No, no I don’t. Do I think it causes me all of the problems some say it does? I am not sold. If I continue using Truvia in most everything else, can I sneak a cup of PURE BLISS in the morning? Don’t tell my doctor but I think I might be buying a case of chai!

Here he is, the internet star who has his own blob category AND Instagram hashtag, beloved by tens across the countries, Seymour!

He is not usually down with being held but for some reason he was content in Mousey’s arms yesterday.

IMG_1447 (1)

He stretched and then stayed that way!

IMG_1446 (1)

It’s a good thing we think he is cute, it covers a multitude of his daily sins. Mostly against poor Halle Berry.

IMG_1449 (1)

Here we are going wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to May of 1973! I was 11 and Beeve was 7. There are several things I have to share pertaining to this picture.


Observation number one, Homeboy must have been ready to lose a tooth here! He had perfect little baby teeth and there is a big gap joophering up the works. Other than that he is cute as a bugs ear!


If there was EVER any doubt that I was a cat lover, this little lady made it purrfectly clear that I was. She was actually my second kitty. Some years before we had a cat named Pebbles but she was not allowed in the house. We had her and then we didn’t. Whether she found another home that would actually let her in to live among them or if living one street over from a busy road facilitated her demise, I do not know. I do know I mourned her for many years and was never able to talk my Mom into another pet until my brother brought home this little furball he found while playing on our street.

The family story is that our parents asked him if someone was looking for their missing kitty. He wandered down to the corner, looked both ways, came home and said “nope, nobody lost a kitty”, and that was that! Muff was a much loved member of the family for 19 years.


I even love the back of the picture. From the new way I was making my a’s and n’s, to my future scrapbookers attention to detail in naming the location, the specific date, as well as the notation of what I considered the Main Event!


Have a detailed day!


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