Five Monday Things


Hi Guys! We had some loverly, spring weather over the weekend! All the way up to 63!!!!!!! We heard rumors it was coming, but this is The Mitten. Michigan weather does what it wants, whenever it wants. Today it is a brisk 30.

It was also very WINDY. Like Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day windy. The Ab-Cat went on her regular library run and recorded it for proof. Unfortunately I cannot / don’t know how to insert videos, so you get one of my all time favorite photos of Abby!


Speaking of the Ab-Cat, we straightened her hair yesterday. She probably had 3-4 inches of nappy going on and it was desperately needing beautification. She is now silky smooth!

IMG_2876 (1)

This is very true. I’m sorry but I just.can’

Don’t fight it, don’t fight it, it will do your heart so good.

Baby I can’t fight this feeling anymore.

#sorrynotsorry #proof #fountainofuselessinformation # itsmyonlygift. #tryingtostop.

We went out for a birthday dinner with my Father’s wife a couple weeks ago. She is trying to get used to her new normal and I don’t have to tell anyone how hard that can be. It has been 8 months since he passed away and she is bravely soldiering on.

Everyone is so thankful that she and my Father had brought home this little burst of love and energy about a year before he passed! My youngest brother, Teddy B. has been a God send, so sweet and such good company for her! He especially loves company!!!!!


After dinner we came back to the house for cake and ice cream and a little Instagram and Facebook lesson in posting pictures. I am here to tell you that it’s hard to remember things when you don’t use them regularly! Nana tracks her grandchildren on these sites, it is very important to be savvy in social media!!!!

IMG_1404 (1)

It was good to see her and celebrate her birthday, even if it was a month belated!


Mousey’s new “friend” also joined us. I will have to ask her what his blob name should be. After all they ARE Facebook official. Teddy loved him very much. The dog is partial to men, he is looking for a father figure since my Dad passed, because he was Teddy’s favorite person.


Happy Birthday to Nana Marilyn!

And here we have Naughty Sy. I can’t remember exactly what his offense was, but I’m pretty sure it involved doing something unkind or indecent to one of the elder feline ladies.


Do you see what we are up against here? No remorse, no shame. Just wide eyed innocence. Or cockiness. Take your pick.

kiiiiiiiiiiiiii-= Speaking of the saucy young buck, he just walked on the keyboard, as he does. He needs to be in the thick of things, where the action is, right ON whatever I am doing.

I had a conversation with my primary care physician last month and she said she didn’t think the urologist was the right place for me and my strange/unique kidney infection to be anymore. Well, ok. She has sent me to visit a whole new herd of doctors over at the Infectious Disease department.

I’m not going to lie, it sounds like a place where they quarantine people. Since I am of no danger to anyone but my own infectious self, that is highly unlikely. I am wavering between hope/curiosity that they will be able to figure out a new and better plan of action, verses pessimism that they will want to do a hundred new tests and basically tell me the same things I already know.

It’s a quandary. I am going to meet them tomorrow with the NINE pages of questions they emailed already filled out. Praying they can see something the other doctors have missed. Maybe they have a Dr. House over there. He could figure anything out in the span of an hour, right?

Have a good start to your week!


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  1. Two comments here. 1) I absolutely love the picture of AbCat here. So adorable of her! 2) Interestingly enough we also have a referral to the Infectious Disease people. Maybe we’ll run into you there sometime. 😉 Ours is for staph infection that we can’t shake. Andrew just had his 3rd round. That makes 7 rounds altogether for 4 people in 5 months. The good news is that no one is catching it from us and that it’s not MRSA. The bad news is that it keeps coming back.


  2. I also love that photo of the AbCat! My dad had to go to the infectious disease doctor when he had cellulitis. They cover much territory. So glad for Marilyn that Teddy B is helping her make the transition, he is adorable. Lastly, #whatdidwedobeforehashtags,


  3. I saw that meme about song lyrics awhile back and immediately thought of you, although I think movie quotes is far more accurate than song lyrics. Sorry, I still don’t ‘get’ the whole hashtag thing… call me old school.


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