Birthdays, Cubs and The Weekly Sy


First and foremost, a big old Happy Birthday to our darling Ab-Cat!!!!! Our precious, firstborn baby girl!


Wishing her a wonderful year with many new adventures!


Honey and I went to an estate sale near our house because he likes to do that sort of thing. They didn’t have anything we wanted but I did like the fireplace in their walkout basement!!!! What do you think Honey?


Beeve and Medium Goomba stopped by last week for some reason I have now forgotten. They were coming from Goomba’s Cub Scout meeting. There’s my favorite Cub!


The Weekly Sy in sepia tone…


…and black and white. He was waiting patiently while his person had her curly locks chemically straightened. Yay Ab-Cat, no more nap!


Sy is not here, he has gone on vacation. He is on loan to his favorite bed and breakfast; Jip the Farm Dog’s house! A birthday present for her husband Jaw’s BIG 5-0!!!!!

She sent this yesterday. He is already all up in her BSF lecture planning business when she should be busting his tail for being ON THE TABLE! She said he thoroughly cased the joint upon arrival, sat on her lap a minute, then retraced his steps to see if he missed anything. He loves many aspects of The Farm Dog’s vacation destination.


These are pictures from his last visit down on the Farm. He love, love, LOVES her view.



As I knew he would. He is all about being advantageously higher. Of course he has no elderly felines to use his advantageous height on.

He especially loves to bother her when she is laboring industriously on her lecture.

Oh yes, yes he did.


He also loved to keep her sacrificially warm. He lives to serve.

As you can see he missed us SO much.


Happy Birthday Jaw!!! Enjoy your squatter, er helper, ah houseguest!!!!!


Have a good weekend!


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