Wednesday Hodgepodge


imageHappy March to you all! We are in Florida this week but I still wanted to play along!

1. February ended with an extra 24 hours in 2016. What did you do with your bonus day?

Not too much. We caught some sun in the early afternoon then headed out to Chipotle for dinner then did a bit of shopping. Mousey and I have not had any luck 😢, but The Ab-Cat found a couple options for a wedding we will be attending in a couple weeks.

2. What’s something in your life that’s grown by leaps and bounds in recent days, weeks, months, or years? I’m giving you lots of room to come up with an answer here, so no fair passing on this one.

Feels like my waist has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Very sad faced emoji.

3. Do you read reviews about a film before deciding if you’ll see it? Did you watch The Oscars this year, and if so your thoughts on the program? How many of the Best Picture nominees had you seen prior to the broadcast? (Spotlight, The Martian, The Big Short, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Room, and Brooklyn) If you watched The Oscars who gets your award for ‘best dressed’?

I did not read any reviews or watch the show. We probably would have watched some of it had we been home. The only two movies I have seen were The Martian and Mad Max, the first I loved and the second, not so much. The Ab-Cat showed me her choices for best dressed and I can’t remember the first one but the second was Sarah Silverstein. No one was more surprised about that than Abby!

4. When did you last have overnight houseguests? Give us your top three tips on being a good houseguest.

We have house guests all the time, it’s usually a pretty casual affair. Mostly people who used to live in our area and have now moved away and need a place to sleep! I give them a key and if they are around at mealtime they are welcome to join us!

I don’t know that I have any tips for being a good houseguest. Maybe don’t trash the joint, keep the noise down after midnight and pick up after yourself? Sounds reasonable.

5. March 2nd is Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. Will you be celebrating? If so, would you prefer a home made peanut butter cookie, a Reese’s peanut butter cup, an old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or shall I just hand you a jar and a tablespoon?

We are fans of peanut butter at our house and have been known to enjoy all of these!! When I was young and was STARVING before dinner my Mom used to say we could have a spoonful of peanut butter to tide us over. I think the cookie would be my favorite way to celebrate!

I have to say that Honey is our resident peanut butter lover, he recently had some peanut butter chocolate ice cream in Naples that he was rather pleased with 😀

6. Why is failure important? Or isn’t it?

I think failure is important. Not in the sense that if you make a mistake you ruin everything, but in the sense that we reflect and ruminate over failure in a way we don’t when we are successful. Sometimes we need to take a critical look at ourselves. There are many kinds of failure, physical, emotional, financial, moral and spiritual, and sometimes an epic fail can give you just The perspective to make a needed change. The Bible is full of folks who learned that failure isn’t final, it’s a stepping stone to becoming who God intends us to be.

7. Share with us one fun thing on your March calendar.

We have a wedding to attend the weekend after we get home from vacation! We love this couple and are looking forward to celebrating with them! 

8. Insert your own random thought here.


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  1. I have the equivalent of the cave man iPad. An original, so not even a camera and it shuts down about every five minutes and you can’t update most apps because you know how these tech people love to improve their apps. I blog there only under duress. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!


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