Back in the Mitten


We are home from vacation. There is no exclamation point after that sentence, just a really big sigh. The day before we left we had a snow day. I heard they had another while we were gone.


It made this seem surreal! There is an exclamation point there! It was a little chilly, upper 60s, and those dang Floridians had on fleece and jackets. Goofs.


We liked our rental house. Except the girls’ beds were hard-ish and no one could figure out the fan in the family room.

It promptly zoomed to the 80s and stayed there for the entire trip. Nice pool, SUPER warm!!!!!


Little area for non screen tanning, where Mousey parked herself all week. She read The Rosie Project and liked it. I also recommend it.


These two. Every time they got in the van they were snap chatting and taking some weirdo pictures where it morphs your face onto that of your neighbors. I will have to find out the name of it and if I am LUCKY, they will let me post some! They possibly will not because they are truly HEINOUS but absolutely hysterical!!!!!!! Mousey did one with me at the airport when we were coming home and we laughed for a full 15 minutes. Seriously, we sounded like Precious Pup AND seagulls. All my eye makeup was G.O.N.E. A good hearty laugh!

There’s our purty girlies!

FullSizeRender (5)


FullSizeRender (6)

Mousey took a nice one.

FullSizeRender (7)

Honey was able to fitch off the canal!


The only thing around seemed to be sting rays.IMG_1523

We got to see these two! Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob have enjoyed their winter in Naples.


After dinners we headed back to their place to talk about stuff. You know, our BSF study in Revelation, politics, food, the real estate Honey and I visited, things going on in our lives, and showing Bob Honey’s new favorite YouTube video.


It was right up his ally, as we knew it would be.


We went to the pier one afternoon before dinner.


The Ab-Cat’s request.


I like his face!


I got some reading accomplished. Can I tell you how much I loved this book? I have been reading Big Mama’s blog for about 8 years at the suggestion of Mrs. Schmenkman, who said she thought I would like her. She was right and I have been following her and her family ever since. This is her third book, after Sparkly Green Earrings about motherhood and The Antelope in Living Room about marriage. I have enjoyed them all!

Friendship is something near and dear to my heart. God has been so good to provide wonderful friends throughout my life! I always say it is compensation for being sisterless, but in all sincerity, it is just His grace and a kiss on the cheek from Him to me. He knew I would need girlfriends to share the ups and crushing downs of life with. Girls to laugh and cry with, pray with, shop, eat and get our craft on with, serve, ponder, dream and do life with. This book celebrates it all.

IMG_3490 (1)

This was the first book I read because it was at the rental house. My Uncle Bob read it some years ago along with another one called Grain Brain, and I had hoped to read them both someday.This book was just sad. It is basically telling us we should never eat an ounce of wheat again because our wheat is not our grandparents wheat, and it’s basically causing us a whole heap of trouble. It is most likely true, but unwelcome nonetheless. I try and avoid wheat anyway, but it was nigh onto horrifying all the ways GMO’s are causing havoc in our bodies.

IMG_3494 (1)

I did eat two bagels this trip, but it was not pleasant and I was picturing my body in revolt.

This was our Book Club read. I did like it, it was very different from books I usually read.


After a very nice break we returned home. The Ab-Cat and I had a three pronged errand before we could tater up and be in for the night; to get her hold shelf things from the library (we wanted to watch Creed that night, it was good!), pick up dinner from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant, and go and get the Little Mister from Jip the Farm Dogs house!!!


Oh, Abby was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see him! It was an in and out because Jip and Jaw had gone to Florida themselves the day before to watch their son, Daniel Tiger, play a little baseball. I don’t think the elder felines have missed him much but he seems a kinder, gentler catten. Jip says they teach him how to love. We will see if remains calm.

OK, I have many, many things to accomplish today, working on Bible studies, going to Sam’s to refill Mother Hubbard’s cupboards, among other pertinent things.

This is my fondest wish.


Pretty sure it’s a big fat lie. Have a good Monday!


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