Mike and Jen Got Married!!!!!!!


There was a celebration in Detroit this weekend!

We gathered at the Belle Isle Casino for the wedding of this fine couple and it was a very joyous occasion!

This is Mike and Jen. Mike was The Boy and Elyk’s junior high small group leader. They met Mike when they were 11, isn’t that funny?! They have all remained friends and Mike has graciously mentored these two knuckleheads way longer than duty called for.

When Mike met Jen it was pretty apparent he had found the one his heart longed for. Everyone loved her and we were all just waiting to attend the wedding!

The top picture was from The Boy and The Dane’s wedding, bottom one from Elyk and Ailsse’s wedding.


I haven’t been to Bell Isle in many, many years, and then only to the aquarium and petting zoo. This was the casino, which wasn’t a casino at all but a lovely old building with much charm.


The Boy and Elyk, among others, were groomsmen. There’s our handsome Boy.


And the love birds! There were tears…


and smiles, and kisses!


They were SO happy!!!!


I totally lifted this from The Ab-Cat’s instagram because I do a terrible job at taking pictures of anything but people. And sometimes not so good of even them.


The Bride’s sister made the beautiful cookies AND the yummy wedding cake. That I have no picture of, see above.


They are one of the finest young couples I know.


Even though everyone in our party looked fetching, our photographs were not always so swell.


One of my faves, I heart those faces!


Elyk and his October Bride Alisse came in from Illinois.


The Groom’s mom, our friend Teri, was looking most loverly!


Alisse was our seat saver, she had to be there super early. It was an important job.


The Dane, The Boy, Mousey got their groove on.


I personally thought The Ab-Cat was absolutely adorable! Mousey did her makeup and I loved it!!!!!

IMG_1580 (1)

Another one of pretty Teri!


Doing that thing they do. Snap chat 4-ever.


Our little Mousey was not feeling her best, she had been feverish the night before but she was a trooper.


We were seated at a different table than The Boy and The Dane, on the other side of the room, so we didn’t see a ton of them.

It was a wonderful night and we are SO thankful God brought Mike and Jen together!


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  1. We had been to the Belle Isle Casino for wedding a year or so ago. I felt like it was freezing in there. But that’s me, frigid.
    Great pics!


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