Catching Up


I feel like a list.

I have been busy, and because of said busyness, I am behind in the blobbing.  It happens, even when I cannot precisely remember what the busyness involved.

I put things I want to take to the recycling bin on the counter in the laundry room by the back door. It saves me from running out to the garage for every little box, can or what have you. Then when I go out, I put on my coat, grab my purse and keys and pick up whatever might be sitting there, waiting for its ride to the green bin of recycle, because I am a multi tasking ninja. My question though. Have you ever been distracted and just walked to your car? And had people ask you why you have an empty, crushed milk carton or a flattened cereal box on the floor of the passenger side? Am I the only one who does that? Really?

After much discussion, Mousey’s “friend” has a blob name. This comes after after vetoing Caveman and giving the boot to Man Blanket, which at breakfast with Jip the Farm Dog and Heifer Lynn, both declared creepy. Sometimes a blog name just happens. Or it is an established nickname, or chosen by the owner, relates a skill, or just how we refer to them to each other. When describing her new” friend” I realized one of the things we always said was “he’s a good eater!!”, because he is, and we like that quality! Let me introduce you to Mousey’s friend, The Good Eater! Maybe GE for short.


Still finding Snapchat to be endlessly fascinating and hilarious! He’s my boyfriend.





Oh my GOODNESS, did we laugh!!! I sure wish I could show you the videos because they are my faves!!!


Sy was only perplexed at our nonsense.


Or afraid.

Moving out of snapchat territory!

This is my friend Liz who is from South Africa! We go to a Bible study together at our church. We decided to go to lunch and she chose an Indian street food place by my house. I have never been to this place and my entire experience with Indian food consists of our former neighbor’s daughter’s wedding reception and tastes of The Boy and The Dane’s carryout one night.


I have never had anything like it!


A surprise hiding. Several things were pretty spicy, I was kind of proud of myself for being adventurous!


Everything was very good, even though I had NO IDEA what I was eating!!!! Liz was trying to educate me but I can’t remember a word she said! I liked it all with the exception of a mint sauce that seemed to have no business being there.


I sent this picture to The Boy because I thought he might be surprised me and my adventurous self were there!


Watched this movie. I liked it. She is a good little actress!


After our blustery cold Monday we have not walked this week, hopefully it will be above 30 next week. That would be friendly.

That’s probably enough random for the day.

I’ll be back tomorrow with The Weekly Sy.


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