Happy 78th Grandpa!


I believe I have mentioned that I am a little behind in the blob. The weekend before last we celebrated The Grandpa’s birthday! Only a couple weeks after his actual birthday, which is pretty darn good for us, we are notoriously late birthday celebrators!


He blew the candle out on a requested pineapple upside down cake. I have to direct you to the outside view here. Welcome to spring in Michigan. What the heck Michigan? The Tiger game was even cancelled yesterday because it was so stinkin’ ugly around here.


Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!! I’m so happy you were born!


Photo bombed by my boyfriend of 30 years.

IMG_5494 (1)

His best friend Mrs. H joined us! She is like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way! She was rooting for spring in her pretty flowered sweater.


The Goomba is obsessed with this thingy, a ball on the end of a string thingy that you catch in a cup thingy. Clear? You got it now? He is VERY good at it. It reminds me of hacky sack. But with a string and a cup thingy. Beeve gave it a whirl. Love the intense look on the Goomba’s face!


He got it!!!!


Goomba was so proud of his Pop! Photo bombed by Sy on the lower right!


On the other side of the room was Mousey and The Good Eater. They did not try the ball/string/cup thingy. To my knowledge anyway.


But Honey did!!! I am assuming he said it was easy and he could do it blindfolded!

IMG_1822 (1)

Goomba was diligently giving him instructions, like bend your knees! I don’t think he was very successful.


Then I HAD to show Beeve the Snapchat filters. It was my sisterly duty. Oh yes, he enjoyed the Snapchat.


Yes, yes he did.


As did his son.


This was my very favorite. Could be Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure right there!


Looks Dennis the Menace-y, doesn’t he??!!


A very fun evening celebrating a fine gentleman!!!!


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