Monday Catch-up


Y’All!!!! We finally got some spring over the weekend! The coats came off, the sandals came out and Mousey even caught some rays out by the still covered ce-ment pond! I do believe it hit 80 degrees, HALLELUJAH and THANK YOU LORD! Once all that happens I cannot put the boots back on, I just can’t, so its sandals or bust. Or frozen piggies.

The elder felines enjoyed a fine time of rolling on the front walkway. We dug out Sy’s collar and leashed him to the chair on the front porch, oh it was glorious! They were BASKING!!!!!!!

I toured the back yard to see what was popping up. I am very pleased to report that it looks like our hedge is growing little baby leaves instead of sporting the usual Hedge of Death appearance it has worn for the last 2 or 3 years!! I am very thankful for this news! I had already mentioned to Honey that if we had to cut it back to its nubbins one more time I was quitting it. Because what’s the point of having a hedge if it isn’t capable of hedging anymore??

While I was out taking a gander, I remembered that I wanted to start some more hyacinth bean plants to make an arch over our pool gate.

I did this successfully last year and blobbed about it here. Mrs. Schmenkman gave me some ideas to do it better this year and I am ready to give it a shot. I kept some plant containers from last years flowers and will use them to start the seeds. It will give the seeds more room to stretch their leggy roots and the whole cardboard egg carton business was a bit cramped and soggy.

Speaking of purty flowers, my friend Dear Sandra gave all of us on Admin at BSF these sweet little violas last Thursday!


Doing this on Saturday with my friend Marilyn! Our church did her study on Gideon last summer. She is a very good speaker and I am looking forward to the day!


We are nearing the end of our study in Revelation. To that I say a hearty AMEN. People, there is a lot of strange stuff in this book, but then there is this.

FullSizeRender (33)

It doesn’t get much better than knowing that living in this world!

This is the last week of our 3 Kings study at church. It has been a much easier study to follow, but thorough and convicting in its own way. Saul had no heart for the Lord, Solomon had a half heart and David had a whole heart. It showed that you can start out faithful and trusting in the Lord, but not everyone finishes strong. I know where I want to be at the end of my life, but even the best intentions can be waylaid by temptation and sin. It’s a decision every day to seek Him first and walk in His ways. Please Lord, make it so.

I underlined every time David inquired of the Lord. There were a lot of times. This is something I always want to remember. David was God’s anointed, His chosen, then the king, and he still inquired of God. There’s a lesson there.


For all those out there who may feel unqualified or disadvantaged or just not so suchy muchy? God has a different kind of viewpoint.


Always remember.

If I just remembered one thing He has done for me everyday I would have a different perspective. ONE THING, EVERY DAY, out of the many, many things I have seen Him do on behalf of me and our family. That should make the “fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart” part a piece of cake.


Blueprint for a successful life right there.

Over the weekend Mrs. Schmenkman, who is a licensed wild life rehabilitator, released one of the young’uns she has raised since bottle feeding days. She has a post up about the joy and sadness she is feeling now that BB the beaver has been released. (((Hugs))) Schmenky !

Ok, it looks glorious out there today, enjoy it! I need to git.


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