Priscilla Shirer Simulcast


I did a fun thing last weekend! Our church hosted a Priscilla Shirer simulcast and we had about 160 ladies from all over the Detroit area in attendance!


I went with my friend Marilyn from BSF. Last summer I had been telling her about the study our church offered featuring Priscilla Shirer called Gideon. I kept telling her she was such a good speaker. Then she sat next to a woman at the airport who was reading a Priscilla Shirer book and the woman told her she should read it! When I heard about the simulcast, I invited her, her response was she needed to check her out, her name was in the air! I have observed that phenomenon myself.

I have heard about Priscilla for several years now. Honey has listened to her father, Tony Evans, on the radio for many years and is a fan! Her brother Anthony led worship. I guess he was on The Voice at one time!


Marilyn had never heard of any of them. I told her that she has toured with Beth Moore and she said she had never heard of her either!! I said she needed to Google her!

After we had sat down Marilyn looked across the room and said a woman looked like another friend from BSF, Adell. We looked again, it WAS Adell!!!!! What an unexpected treat to see her there with her daughter!

We caught back up at lunch and Adell’s daughter graciously took our picture! From left, Marilyn, Adell and Capri K.


Priscilla oozes Jesus and is a dynamic speaker, we took a lot of notes. Here are a few of the thoughts I liked.

What if we pray our self out of blessing because we don’t like the package it’s presented in?

A deception of the enemy has been that we don’t have and are not enough. The enemy desires to form a weapon against you. With all the (negative) words coming out of your mouth, you give the enemy something to work with. What words are coming out of your mouth?

We are made in His image, if we are believers, His DNA is running through our veins!

She told the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes. The disciples had to unexpectedly feed them!

Jesus said in this unexpected place of mine, YOU give them something to eat. Tucked within the problem is the resource. They handed to Jesus what He had given them in the first place (daily bread). Take what He has given you and give it back to Him, don’t try and create something in your own power. There is an eternal ripple effect when Jesus takes our resources. He blesses it when we give it to Him. He divided further what the disciples already thought was too small.Every little piece carried the blessing of God! Everyone was satisfied, buffet satisfied! One of the ways you can detect God’s fingerprints is it is exceedingly, abundantly blessed. There were 12 baskets left over, one for each disciple! They gave God a little and walked out with more than they could have imagined.

Get your spiritual eyewear on!

When it seems like God is doing nothing He is often crafting a masterpiece.

Plan obedience. I will trust that He is working in my life, even when I can’t see it. Obey what I know.

When you wonder if God will still be able to do anything through you when you find yourself in an unexpected “there” place, say to yourself “where ever you are, Girl, there you are!”. We are always trying to circumvent the process, don’t try and hurry through, ask Him what He has for you in the “there” place. Mary was in her “there” place when God did a supernatural work. The things that are going to be birthed usually happen “there”. God produces something in you that bears the mark of the Holy Spirit. “There” is where you are supposed to be. There are people waiting for us to get “there” and change the trajectory of their lives. The shepherds lives were changed because Mary was “there”.

If you ever have the opportunity to hear her, Marilyn and I highly recommend it!


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  1. I wish there was Like button for your posts. Especially this one. A picture of 3 women I love. Good encouragement to live in my “there”.


  2. If you haven’t already heard, Priscilla has a new book (trilogy) out, called “The Prince Warriors”. I think it’s aimed toward girls. But it looks interesting.


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