Deck Painting Party!


I hope you all had a Happy Mothers Day!!

Here are my favorite Mamas! I do believe there is grey hair in my future! Actually, I already know, the future is now.


We had ourselves a fine day of deck painting! Our decks were last stained 8 years ago when we hosted our family reunion. 8 long and grueling winters ago and the decks showed every single one of them.

The last few years we have gone back and forth and back and forth about painting or replacing them. We finally decided to make some much needed repairs and then paint them with Behr Deck Over. Then in a couple years, when Honey is retired, we will either Trex them both or maybe even take the ramp down completely. Abby can get to the backyard from the garage, it’s not like she would be barred from the pool area. As we think about resale we realize that not everyone needs a long ramp down to the pool. We would then have to cement the area underneath and then maybe I can talk Honey into ditching our smaller brick paver patio. I will never choose to have those things EVER again. We should not have to weed our brick pavers.


Goodbye orangy stain and bare floor boards!! Good riddance.

Honey replaced some boards that were becoming safety hazards.


Where the heck did the dryer vent get to?


It was rather unsightly.


I am having some ladies over on Thursday after our BSF sharing Day. Nothing like having a gathering to light a fire under you to accomplish some things that really need to happen anyway!! I asked Honey if he thought we might be able to knock it out before Thursday, he thought we could! So for Mothers Day I asked my people to all lend a hand!

They predicted rain all weekend but it never came. At one point it looked foreboding, I asked the Lord to please hold back the rain, and He did!!!!


Sy wanted to get in on the action. He made such a fuss moaning and yowling when he was inside at the screen door that we leashed him and brought him out. He was a total nuisance though, and when he realized that he wasn’t missing out on anything fun, he gladly went back in and slept the rest of the day.


We painted ALL the live long day. There are a LOT of spindles. Very tedious.


But we had each other to visit with and 94.7 WCSX, Detroit’s finest classic rock radio station, to help pass the time. I feel like I need to brag a little here. Every year we go to Florida and we look for a good classic rock station, because that is the only music we all can agree on. They have a couple but they either play classic rock that is NOT classic, OR they play things that should NEVER be considered on a classic rock station. I’m looking at you Human League. In what world is Don’t You Want Me Baby? a classic rock song? It’s a perfectly fine song but it has no business pretending to be classic rock. All that to say that Detroit classic rock is a superior choice. Except for the Billy Joel selections. He has no business being their either, IMHO.

It was a bummer hearing a couple of the commercials though. Hearing repeatedly about getting Trex decking so you NEVER have to paint or stain your decks again was particularly harsh. And then there was the odd one giving away tickets to see Australian Pink Floyd. Why did they always say Australian? What does that even mean anyway? Aren’t they from England?


There we go, looking SO much better!!!!!


Good bye orangy stain, I can’t even remember what you looked like!


We are ever so pleased! There is still a bit of walking around looking for places to touch up, as there always is. We used this Behr Deck Over on our patio a couple of summers ago and have no complaints, hopefully it works as well on decks as it does on concrete. We are sold so far!!!


We were all so sore after crawling around and painting all day! I am very thankful to my people for a fine Mothers Day present!!!

I just looked at the weather forecast for Thursday, it said thunder storms. Oh well, I am so glad to have it finished anyway!!! I could ask the Lord for another favor….. 🙂


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