Flower Day With Jip


My blogging schedule is all joofered up, as a result, we are traveling back to May 17.

At the BSF Sharing Day luncheon Jip and I compared calendars to pick a good time to have flower day. I needed to have time to get them in the pots/ground before I left for Virginia, so the sooner the better for me. We chose Tuesday the 17, and off we went.


There are 2 flower places we like, both have Zs in the name, fancy that! They are on the same road in a town about a half hour away, which is partly why we go together. This year we had a small dilemma. When I drove our full sized, high top van, we had lots of room. When I traded the big van for Juanita the Escape, i no longer drove. Jip had a blue thingy that I do not know the brand of, but I called BCY. Maybe it was an Arcadia? I don’t know why I think that so it is entirely possible it was not. Anyway, she replaced that with an Explorer that is evidently smaller than BCY, so we entertained the thought that we might have to drive 2 cars.  It was not the best nor the funnest option so I asked The Ab-Cat if we could borrow her van, which has LOTS of room. She graciously said sure.

Here’s our haul! With plenty of room to spare I might add.


Just waiting to be planted.


I like to take these before pictures because it makes me appreciate the after shots all the more!


That top pink million bell has already left us. I need to dump the dirt in that pot and root around, I think it has a drainage issue.


The coleus have already stretched and grown in 2 weeks!

IMG_2784 (1)

I scored some pansies at Lowe’s a few weeks before I bought all these guys. They are liberally sprinkled throughout the pots this year!


This will be pots full of colorful coleus right quick!


Ahhh, zinnias, my Precious! I will replace the dead fellow up front.



These guys will grow ginormous!


Always one of my favorite areas. Another dead fella. There was one section in the flat that wasn’t getting enough to drink. Thought they might make a comeback. Was wrong.

I spray painted Jasper the bunny! He looks grand! I should have taken a before and after picture, my hindsight is awesome! Take my word for it, he looked….disheveled. And rusty.


Here we are on the flipside. Front porch chair pot looking all beautimous! Yellow pansies cheerfully present. Sy’s leash is getting used daily. He is even doing a better job of not getting himself all tangled up seconds after I put him out!


Speaking of Sy, there’s my buddy! At least he is not hindering me on my lap, as per usual.


Spoke way too soon, 4 and 1/2 minutes later.


Back outside. The other pictures were taken before I left for Virginia, these were taken this morning. They have already taken off! Miracle Grow is certainly that!


The hyacinth bean project is coming along nicely, they can probably go into the boxes by the trellis next week! Hopefully they will be just long enough to get a toehold on the trellis!


I feel like such a farmer! Honey would SO not agree with that statement!


Things are looking lively around here! That God is a wonderful Maker!


I am heading back to the flower store today, alone. I need a few more things. I’ll miss you Jip!


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