The Memorial Day Extravaganza!


Hey Y’All, still here, just in the midst of a big old Hectic. I thought I had scheduled all of the temple maintenance appointments before I left for Virginia but alas, I was mistaken. Plus I have joined the Ab-Cat for a couple of hers, so between that and doing yard, errand, and everyday sorts of things, it’s been a flurry of activity. So lets go back to calm Virginia!!!

Front Royal to be exact, gateway to Skyline Drive.


This is a picture standing in Mrs. Schmenkman’s driveway, see the brown line up near the top of the mountain? Skyline Drive! So sad that this is their DAILY view. Some people have trials in their life.


Schmenky picked me up from Dulles International airport around 11 a.m. and we headed to Manassas to shop and eat and the visiting commenced! We finally arrived at her house around 6. Always good to be back on Sassy Cat Hill. Have you ever noticed that all the great homes in the south have names?


Mini farm, beaver sanctuary, loverly gardens, and enough cats who are sassy to warrant the name.


One of my favorite views. I did not hear a lot of bullfrogs this year, that was strange. That pond is a pickup joint for swinging frogs.


There’s Schmenky!!!! Our hairs were L.O.N.G.!!!!!

FullSizeRender (44)

We cut early this year because Schmenk couldn’t stand hers a second more. It was a good thing because we had to tweak more than usual. It happens some years. It felt SO good to be released from the dragging tresses!


21 years of the Memorial Day Hootenanny-ing, friends for 29. Old friends are a kiss on the cheek from God! We are feeling the “old” friends more and more, when did THAT happen??? We used to be so young and HIP! Now my hip is paining me!


Schmenky has a VERY green thumb and her peonies were looking most beautimous!


There are some of my very faves. Beautiful and smell delicious!


I only have one in my garden and i always want to get more after visiting her.


We normally do quite a bit of the eating out but she did cook one yummy meal! She makes the BEST cauliflower faux mashed potatoes! I aspire to her greatness! We also had berry PIE, with mode. It was an awesome feast!


We covered a lot of ground, many towns, much shopping and eating. We Sweet Frog frozen yogurt-ed in each and every city. I keep running into this face,

IMG_2908 (1)


In the shopping department I found many, many tops, only 2 bottoms and NO shoes. Very odd. I am pretty sure I will take some of the tops back as I see what works with what I have, but all in all, very successful! I was especially looking for new walking shoes because mine have logged a few too many miles, but had no luck. I did buy a pair when I came home with a lucky 30% off Kohl’s coopin, but I don’t know. Why they gotta be so…bright?!


They also seem a little lacking in structure. Maybe I am looking for problems so I can discount them for reasons other than the outside. God looks on the heart, maybe these shoes have great heart and I am being judgmental. Or maybe God would say I need to dial my shoes down a notch. Who knows?

I have a couple more Virginia posts for next week, until then, enjoy your weekend!


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