The Beaves


I believe I have mentioned that Mrs. Schmenkman is a wild life rehabilitator, specializing in the care of beavers. Last year was a banner year and she had four of various ages! She is back down to two at the moment since releasing one this spring and bringing the other to the Howell Nature Center in Michigan, where they also had a beaver that would not be released back into the wild due to injury.

Schmenky and Mr. C will  still be caring for Michi and Pita one more year. I went out to meet them!


They built the beaves their very own ce-ment pond last year!


They have a couple of satisfied customers!



Beaves, like people, like certain foods better than others.


These two evidently enjoy this native Virginia Creeper. Pretty sure that was what is was called. Schmenky stopped the car on the dirt road near her house, got out and checked to see if there was poison ivy around anywhere, and yanked this down off a tree! I guess it is their fave! There is more where that came from!

Maybe these two are boy and girl and can be released together. Or maybe they will feel more like brother and sister since they have been raised side by side. Or maybe they are both the same. Only an x-ray can tell!


They are getting so big! This one was being bottle fed when I was last there!


They are having a good life up on Sassy Cat Hill!


One more year of beaver/childrearing to go!


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