List O Stuff


Y’All, it’s been a little busy around here. I just keep thinking that things will calm down “next week”, but that has not been the case….since MAY! Mostly good stuff, plus all that temple maintenance business. There have been things to do, places to go, visitors in our house and out.

How about a list of some stuff?

Some of us BSF-fers met up at Chip and Dip for a luncheon! It was so nice to see the gals and we even met Dear Sandra’s little grandson Asher, who we passed around like a football and was a sweet little angel baby!!!


The very next week there were more BSF-fers, again at Chip and Dip, to visit with our dear friend Miss Mattie who was visiting The Mitten from her new home in Texas!!! Oh was it good to hug her neck and catch up!


Another gathering was held at The Chip and Dip yesterday with Jip the Farm Dog, Heifer Lynn and CMB. I have no picture to show you, I am so sorry. There has been a LOT of catching up lately.

The Ab-Cat and I have been thoroughly enjoying this on Netflix. I had heard of it but never knew what it was about. There was the vague idea that it was sleazy and not something I would be interested in. I’m not sure why we decided to give it a whirl, but I am here to tell you that we are liking it very much! I won’t say it is completely wholesome, but Jane is adorable and it is a lot sweeter than most stuff on tv these days.


Abby and I saw this on opening weekend because she could not wait. She read me some of the reviews, which were not very good, and I am here to tell you it was fine. We have been BIG fans of the original over the years and were excited to see what they would do with a sequel. It was NOT nearly as good as the first, but it was another decent, end of civilization as we know it thrill ride! I don’t know what all those negative Nellie’s were expecting, the humans WIN!


Has anyone seen this? Those two can be hilarious! It’s rather like Saturday Night Live, some stuff is funny, some not so much, there are fun guest stars, but it’s not as raunchy as SNL is now. Maya Rudolph and Martin Short can be hilarious! And two words, Jiminy Glick. Oh dear!


The Boy turned 25 on the first day of summer!!!! How has that happened??


Mrs Schmenkman has a BABY RACCOON!!!!!!! Oh my goodness is he a cutie!!!! I met him on Skype and I want to kiss his adorable nose! He is about 5 weeks old and she assures me he doesn’t stink.. I’m not sure what his name is but I’m pretty sure she didn’t name him what she planned to after our girls said it was slang for something unmentionable.


I have about 6 posts languishing in the drafts file, so clearly I have some things to say. I will be back for The Hodgepodge tomorrow, be there or be []. Be rectangle, that didn’t work out like I thought!


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