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Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge


Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by! I am super late to the party today but if you would like to get the questions and link up, click on the button below to head over to Joyce’s. She will be glad to see you!

1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your summer so far? Why?
(1=eh and 10=best summer ever)

Seems like an average 5. It has seemed busier than usual, but nothing noteworthy. I am enjoying my flowers, The Armor of God Bible study, lunching with friends and spending time with my People. NOT enjoying the soul sucking heat.

Enjoyed our getaway to my aunt and uncle’s cottage and looking forward to going over to South Haven on Lake Michigan for our annual trip next month with the ladies from our Caregroup. Honey and I are heading down to South Carolina in September to have a lake look see. He has been looking at homes online for quite some time, so I guess we should go in person to see if that is where we might want to retire to.

2. July 26th is National Aunts and Uncles Day. Did you have many aunts and uncles growing up? Were you especially close to any one or maybe all of them? Are you an aunt? (or uncle for the men who join here on Wednesdays) Share a favorite memory relating to one of your own aunts or uncles or relating to a niece or nephew who call you Aunt (or Uncle).

I had several aunts on my Father’s side of the family, but two stand out as favorites.

My Aunt Adalene was very special, more like a Grandmother really. She passed away a few years ago but her love and care will always be in my heart. She was so good to my brother and I and I know that my Mother treasured her as well. I will miss our conversations forever and always.

IMG_0003 (4)

At her 90th birthday party!


My Aunt Ava is my Father’s sister. She is another one who persevered in having a relationship with us after my parents divorced. I think I get my love of documenting my family from her. I once told her that she has a complete record of all my hairstyles in her pictures! This reminds me that I owe her a letter!

My Aunt Phyllis is the wife of my Mother’s brother. She is a lot of fun and is always trying new things and taking us along with her! Famously good cook, maker of pies, student of French, life long learner and soon to be a first time GRANDMOTHER! We are so excited!


When I married Honey I became the aunt to many children! It was my first experience and I enjoyed it very much. Many of those children now have children of their own!

I wasn’t sure my brother and his wife were ever going to take the plunge into parenthood, but in 2007 they surprised us all and had Little Goomba! We kept him over here for two days a week until he was 2 and he imprinted with us all!


He is now Medium Goomba and growing up fast!

3. What’s your favorite food dipped in chocolate? What’s your favorite food dipped in cheese?

What wouldn’t be good dipped in chocolate?? I like strawberries, pineapple and pretzels quite a bit.

All vegetables would be yummy dipped in cheese. A crusty loaf of bread. My finger.
4. When were you last astonished by something? Explain.

I have been astonished regularly this year with the political news. Sheesh, I still can’t believe this election is for real. I still can’t believe what people are willing to sweep under the rug, on both sides..

5. Surf board, paddle board, ironing board, Pinterest board, score board, clip board, bulletin board…which board have you most recently encountered?

Probably Pinterest, but barely even that. I seem to forget about looking there lately.
6. What’s your favorite story from scripture? Why that story?

As a child it was the story of Solomon and the two women who claimed the other stole their child. I was amazed how well his solution ferreted out the true mothers identity.

As an adult I have studied the life of Moses four times and have been able to learn much each time. Seeing the Lord’s power on display during the plagues and in the Israelites exodus from slavery gets me every time. And then the Lord’s patience and provision to those same stiff necked, disobedient Israelites during the years they wandered in the desert? Gives me hope for myself and our human race.
7. If you were to travel from the east coast to the west coast in your own country, which five cities would you most want to see?

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Crescent City, California to see the redwoods.

Mansfield, Missouri, to see Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home and museum.

Arizona to see The Grand Canyon. Honey took our two oldest children but I stayed back at the hotel with Mousey and her ear infection. Would like to go someday.

Bellevue, Washington to visit The Boy and The Dane.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Way Back When-sday to 1995! Here are The Ab-Cat and The Boy in front of the Grand Canyon! I can’t even!

The Boy, The Dane and her family were out there at the beginning of the month and he said it’s like God drug His finger and made it! So cool!


Thanks for stopping by!

Gun Lake 2016 Part Two


Ahhh, back on the lake.


Our Captain, brother of my Mother, Uncle Bob.


I think this was the evening we went over to get ice cream. SOME people get chilly.


As evidenced by quilts and sweaters and hoodies.


This is a typical Bob grin. He is probably smiling at his own joke.


Another sweater. I give her a few years.


This glider has been around forever. It sees a lot of usage.


Cell reception at the cottage is notoriously poor, but that didn’t stop them from Snapchatting for later.


Mousey and Goomba, we thought it looked like a real picture! They merged so perfectly!


Stacey’s first snap lesson with Mousey.


And back to the professionals. Nice beard Mouse-Ann, yet it left scruff on G.E.!


Sisters, sisters…..


Stacey took this from the loft, I love it! We played 7, Golf and introduced The Good Eater to our family game, Peanuts. I think we might have overwhelmed him a wee bit. I like this picture of Goomba, the next generation is gearing up!


Bob is an expert at “evening up the cake” so it doesn’t look all uneven and such. He does it multiple times a day. As we all do.


That cake was G.O.N.E.


I gave Bob a selfie lesson. We managed to get a couple where we were both looking in the right direction and smiling appropriately!


There is always something new to learn.



We used the stick again to get a great picture of the whole crew!!!! Thanks to Beeve and his long arm!

IMG_3399 (1)



Always take a while.


It’s hard when the weekend is over.


Especially the last few years when there are rumors that they might put the cottage up for sale 😦


See you next year, we hope!


Phyllis’ flowers were looking loverly.


I am going to try and take more pictures of me and my boyfriend. I was tagged by Girl Cousin Kay on Facebook to put up pictures of my spouse for a 7 day challenge and I want to tell you, it was a challenge! We don’t have very many pictures of the 2 of us!!!


One last picture with G.E.’s fancy camera!


Our thanks to our hosts, thanks for another wonderful visit!!!!


Gun Lake 2016 Part One


Guys, I am a weekend behind!

Eight of us descended on my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ cottage the weekend of the 15th. It’s always fun to go to Gun Lake! So peaceful. So pretty. So much good food!


And boat rides!  The Ab-Cat.


Honey and Mousey with a preoccupied Good Eater! He has a FANCY camera that takes beautiful pictures. He posted them on Facebook so I could use them. I will let you know when we get to his work.


Beeve and Medium Goomba were on hand.


This was a very common scene. Goomba is quite enamored with The Good Eater, who for the rest of this post will be known as G.E.


Honey and Goomba drowned a few worms.


Fishing companions.


Uncle Bob relaxing with Stacey and The Ab-Cat.


Mousey and her “Friend”. I have to say that G.E. seems to fit right in with the crowd. Mousey says he’s easy.


The back of the boat crew.


Honey and his Young Skywalker.


Mama and her Girl.


Ah, here we are at G.E.’s pictures. He has the eye. Appropriate for the veteran.




I’m not sure who took this, but my best guess is Goomba.


Aww, I love this one. I cropped myself out of it and made it my Facebook picture. I had a lot of nice comments on it too!


I like those faces!


Pensive Honey.


Pensive Ab!


I think it’s fair to say this guy had a good time.


And these two make their own fun wherever they go,


oh yes they do.


The star of the show boat.



i like this with the cottage behind it.


Buds, by Mouse.


Bothering. It’s what they do.


In between the boat rides we played cards, ate, walked, and visited. Pretty much a perfect weekend.

That seems like quite enough pictures for one day. More tomorrow!

A Whole Lotta Stuff


Hey Guys, just checking in from the summer of sketchy blogging. I seriously feel like I have forgotten how to do this. There is a way to think bloggaly, and I have lost my way, clearly.

How about a random, hopscotch kind of post? Thanks, because my brain is all random and full of hopscotch. I don’t know if I have ever written the word hopscotch before and here it is 3 times in 1 paragraph. Who made up that word anyway?

It is hot in The Mitten this week. And in celebration, my hot flashes are about an 8. I long for the good old days of shivering in air conditioning.

We went up to my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob’s cottage last weekend, that was FUN! I have pictures to show you, but that will be a post in itself. In the meantime, I leave you with this to sow the seeds of excitement. The earth, sun and the moon aligned and we got a good group picture!!!!!! GLORY BE!!!!!


Saw this on the Facebook. Loved it.


The Little Mister. I was surprised how glad I was to be reunited with this fur face after last weekend. He is an A # 1 pest but I kind of like him. And in his defense, he can be totally sweet, until he’s not.

Here he is lying on the comforter at the foot of Abby’s bed. It kind of reminded me of those posed shots we used to get at the portrait studio. I never liked the dorky library or outside backgrounds, so I always told them up front only blue, white or black for me please.


Pretend like it says Olan Mills 2016 in the lower right hand corner.

This is a pretty from the garden. I heart the coleus SO BAD! Mousey always refers to these as Jurassic Park flowers, I can see the correlation, I really can.


I have been looking for our wire cat brush all summer. Mama Mia and Halle Berry have undercoats, which really just means they have twice as much fur as other cats. Cats with undercoats like a wire brush, while it proves too hurty for single coat cats like Lucy and Sy. I needed to find that brush because we have tumbleweeds of cat fur blowing through our house. We also have had quite a bit of cat hoark, which is natures subtle way of telling me I need to find that cat brush, pronto.


We are supposed to have a meeting with a financial planner this week to talk about Honey’s impending retirement. Can I just tell you that I feel like an imposter at these sort of meetings? When did we come to the age to talk about such adult topics??

Ok. I need to get out there and cut the grass before the heat gets to be an abomination. Have a good weekend, stay cool and drink lots of water.

Wednesday Hodgepodge


Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by! If you would like to join us, click on the button below to head over to Joyce’s From This Side of the Pond and link up.

1. Pokemon Go…your thoughts? Are you playing? Do you even know what it is?

I am not playing but it sounds like those playing are having a great time! I think The Good Eater caught a few this weekend when we were up at Gun Lake. I’m sure I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but I do know that they are going places by following the app instructions, trying to “catch them all!”
2. What was something you collected as a child? Do you still have that collection? If you’re a parent what’s something your own children collected? Have you ever camped out, stood in a crazy long queue, or paid a ridiculous sum for a ‘collectible’?

I don’t remember collecting things as a child but our kids did some. Beanie Babies, Thomas the Tank Engine trains, American Girl dolls and accessories, BARBIES, Pokemon cards, Star Wars cards and toys.

I remember doing a little stalking at a certain store when I knew a shipment of Beanie Babies were coming in, and stopping at several Cracker Barrels, on the way down to Florida while on vacation because they had a plethora. Mrs. Schmenkman can attest to going to all the Targets near her in Virginia hunting for Pokemon cards! It seemed like there were SO MANY more down there. Perhaps Virginian children were not all up in the Pokemon craze.

Honey used to stop at a 24 hour store on his way home from work at dark thirty in the morning to get the new Harry Potter books before the masses woke up!! I don’t think we camped out , but I am certain we have stood in long lines.
3. “Collect moments, not things”…tell us about a moment you’ve added to your collection this summer.

Well, this was certainly a moment for the books. The Boy and The Dane are moving to Bellevue, Washington. They have taken a job out there and are driving through Montana as I type. They are very excited about their new adventure!

We are praying for them as they go. I took this as they drove back to Chicago one last time, a memory for the collection.

FullSizeRender (57)

4.  What’s something collecting dust in your home right now? Any plans to do something about it?

Hmmmm, so many things! Honey took our bikes down from the attic over the garage and we had big plans to start riding. But alas, we have not done it and it is supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend, so I can guarantee we will not be starting then! 
5. A favorite song relating to time?

Kenny Chesney’s Don’t Blink is very appropriate these days. For a lot of reasons. Time goes faster than you think, don’t blink.
6. What’s been your most frightening or your most interesting encounter with wildlife?

We went to an aquarium one time with the kids and we were able to touch sting rays. I have never felt anything like them before! So soft and silky!
7.  On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong set his foot down on the moon. If you could travel to the moon would you go? Why or why not?

I would not. There are a lot of places I would rather go on this world.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Might have to be the Christmas card picture! Last one for a while.

IMG_3176 (1)

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your week!

List, Snapchat, In the Garden and Some Books


Hey Ya’all, still living on that hectic fringe. How about a list to chat about some of the doings?

Have not been walking much the last couple of weeks. The holiday weekend joofered us up a bit because Keelyody was out of town, then we had appointments, car things, and then Jip the Farm Dog up and went to San Antonio, Texas for a week to get all up into the book of John so she can lecture us this coming year at BSF. All good, necessary things, but walking took the proverbial back seat.  And it’s been so BLASTED HOT that I really didn’t care all that much. I can sweat like a pig in the comfort of my own home and backyard.

Doing a study this summer with a few gals from BSF and a whole bunch of women at our church!

IMG_3358 (1)

I believe I have mentioned before that I love Priscilla Shirer, and if you haven’t heard that, welcome, you must be new! We have one week under our belts and I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E d last weeks lesson. The enemy is real Friends, and he is living to wreak chaos in our lives.

FullSizeRender (56)

I don’t want to live a futile and unproductive life, be suffocated by sin, insecurity, fear and discouragement. I want to REJECT the enemy, and his intimidation to render me ineffective and paralyzed. To quote our dear friend Diana, “The devil is a LIAR”. Remember that when he starts in on you, his fingerprints are all over our fears and the lies we tell ourselves.

Still loving the Snapchat!


The Good Eater and The Ab-Cat. Truly unnerving.


Even more unnerving!


No words.




Sometimes I laugh just thinking about him doing these at work! What must they think if they happen to see him????!


Mousey and The Good Eater spend an enormous amount of time on this app. It will always be a part of their museum of recollection.


Abby still won’t be my friend. Her great loss.

I sent this picture to Dear Sandra to show her how loverly the viola she gave me is! That is our look In the Garden for this week!  I heart those coleus, they grow so well in our yard. Mousey calls them Jurassic Park plants.


The Ab-Cat’s van has been in the shop all week so I have been her chauffer. I dropped her off for an appointment on Tuesday and I needed to occupy myself for an hour or so. I went to a couple of stores downtown and then had the great idea to go to the library! It was a good place to sit and read, it was FULL of bought air, and it had a public bathroom! Plus they were having a used book sale, who can resist that kind of catnip?

My purchases. Not bad for $4 American bucks! They even had a French College dictionary, I took a picture of it and asked my Aunt Phyllis if she had need for it. She is a serious French student.

IMG_3365 (2)

I left to pick up Abby, and excitedly told her about my finds. We then had to go back so she could peruse the selection as she is a lover of books as well.


Four hours later Phyllis answered the text! Yes, yes, yes, she wanted that book! Which necessitated another trip to the library. It was still there, YESSSSSS!!!!

IMG_3360 (1)

And because we were right there, the Girls and I went to The Dairy King. As you do.


What have you guys been up to?