The Weekly Sy


We haven’t talked about the Little Mister on the blob lately. He is having a good summer. Bird watching, sunbathing, insect patrol. it’s all good.

I typically let the elder felines out in the morning if the air conditioning is not on, because I have to leave the front door open. If I shut the door it causes them all to swarm back to the porch and howl like I am locking them out forever and for always!!! Like I would ever do that.

This morning ritual has been problematic since Seymour’s arrival, mainly because he is untrustworthy. I never worry about the old ladies, They go out on the front porch to roll around and saunter down the walkway a little bit. They might venture to a nearby flower bed or have a nibble of the grass nearest to them. I have actually seen Halle Berry cross the circle drive to check out that grass, but she didn’t look comfortable and she was walking flattened to the ground, to throw off predators. Sometimes a loud car or a neighbor’s lawnmower will cause them to STAMPEDE back into the house like something was dogging their heels! All I have to do to get them in is say “come on Girl’s!”, or pretend like I am closing the door. They are RIGHT.THERE.

At first I took Sy to The Ab-Cat’s room and shut the door. But he’s no dummy, he knew the other cats were doing something fun and he sang the song of his people, LOUDLY, in protest. I finally had the idea to use a previous cats collar and our former dogs leash, with the handle under the front porch chair. He was very happy to join the crowd!!!!

FullSizeRender (53)

Just hanging out!


Bird watching. Oh yes, the birds see him and they do not like him at all. I would go out and check on him periodically because he gets tangled around bricks, bushes, hostas and pots. Imagine my HORROR when I went out and found this!


He had gotten free!!! Man, I started praying, he could have been anywhere! I went around one side of the house calling his name. I could see our neighbors big backyard, all the way down to the creek. That was not reassuring, he could already be far away. As I walked back to the front of the house I was asking God to help me find him, please don’t let us lose our kitty, we love him so!!!! As I started around to the other side I saw him walking on the landscape wall, meowing at me! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!

He doesn’t usually run away when you try and pick him up but I was afraid he might. I knelt down, called him and scooped him up when he came to me! Oh, I was so thankful I was almost in tears!

He lived to be leashed another day. In a much tighter collar.


Last month my Girl Cousin Lindsay was here with her fur child Ava. I noticed that Ava had a nifty halter get up that didn’t yank on her neck so much. I mentioned to Abby that maybe we should look into that. We tried it out on Independence Day.


All was well until our sprinklers unexpectedly came on and everyone ran for cover, including Sy, who twisted, turned and bolted right out of that harness and right on up to the screen door!!! So now that is tightened up as well.

He is going to equate going outside with wearing shapewear!


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