Wednesday Hodgepodge


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1. Pokemon Go…your thoughts? Are you playing? Do you even know what it is?

I am not playing but it sounds like those playing are having a great time! I think The Good Eater caught a few this weekend when we were up at Gun Lake. I’m sure I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but I do know that they are going places by following the app instructions, trying to “catch them all!”
2. What was something you collected as a child? Do you still have that collection? If you’re a parent what’s something your own children collected? Have you ever camped out, stood in a crazy long queue, or paid a ridiculous sum for a ‘collectible’?

I don’t remember collecting things as a child but our kids did some. Beanie Babies, Thomas the Tank Engine trains, American Girl dolls and accessories, BARBIES, Pokemon cards, Star Wars cards and toys.

I remember doing a little stalking at a certain store when I knew a shipment of Beanie Babies were coming in, and stopping at several Cracker Barrels, on the way down to Florida while on vacation because they had a plethora. Mrs. Schmenkman can attest to going to all the Targets near her in Virginia hunting for Pokemon cards! It seemed like there were SO MANY more down there. Perhaps Virginian children were not all up in the Pokemon craze.

Honey used to stop at a 24 hour store on his way home from work at dark thirty in the morning to get the new Harry Potter books before the masses woke up!! I don’t think we camped out , but I am certain we have stood in long lines.
3. “Collect moments, not things”…tell us about a moment you’ve added to your collection this summer.

Well, this was certainly a moment for the books. The Boy and The Dane are moving to Bellevue, Washington. They have taken a job out there and are driving through Montana as I type. They are very excited about their new adventure!

We are praying for them as they go. I took this as they drove back to Chicago one last time, a memory for the collection.

FullSizeRender (57)

4.  What’s something collecting dust in your home right now? Any plans to do something about it?

Hmmmm, so many things! Honey took our bikes down from the attic over the garage and we had big plans to start riding. But alas, we have not done it and it is supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend, so I can guarantee we will not be starting then! 
5. A favorite song relating to time?

Kenny Chesney’s Don’t Blink is very appropriate these days. For a lot of reasons. Time goes faster than you think, don’t blink.
6. What’s been your most frightening or your most interesting encounter with wildlife?

We went to an aquarium one time with the kids and we were able to touch sting rays. I have never felt anything like them before! So soft and silky!
7.  On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong set his foot down on the moon. If you could travel to the moon would you go? Why or why not?

I would not. There are a lot of places I would rather go on this world.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Might have to be the Christmas card picture! Last one for a while.

IMG_3176 (1)

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your week!


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  1. Washington! I feel your geography pain : ) My daughter is in the Tacoma area. The beauty is staggering. So is the distance, but it’s wonderful to see our adult children pursuing the path set before them.


  2. You forgotten another “brush with wildlife” – when the baboon(?) smeared poop on Honey’s face (on the glass wall, of course) at the zoo. 😀

    Love the Christmas photo. Sad about The Boy’s new location. (I want to hear more about his new job the next time I see you.)


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