This and That


Hi Guys, another unexpected blobbing break. Seriously, it is nothing more than busy mornings and poor planning on my part. It seems like every morning I walk with either Keelyody or Jip the Farm Dog, hurry home to get my sweaty self in the shower so I can get to wherever I have to be! Between working and Bible study (which I am LOVING!), and what have you, I am having a busy summer. How about a list?

We are a little immersed in the Olympics over here!!! These are our faves.



My only complaint is it runs so late into the night! I am having to watch it the next day because Mama can’t stay up that late anymore.

I needed to buy some more plants to replace some of the death. Not much death, but it was a little prominent. therefore, needed to be vamoosed. These are called sun patients. I don’t believe I have ever had them before. They are supposed to be sun hardy, which is called for in their desired location.


I also stuck them around where I had some pansy death. They seem to be acclimating well and playing nice with others. I chose orange because the million bells that mass expired were a loverly orangy color. There is one more pot, but I couldn’t manage it in one shot. Notice our hay field, formerly known as our lawn. Have I mentioned that it has been hotter than the face of the SUN up here in The Mitten? It feels like it has been forever. Also as dry as a bugs hull. Honey has finally figured how to make it rain, just run the sprinklers. As you can imagine, he is torn. I don’t think double watering will even be able to bring the green back. On the upside, I haven’t had to cut the hay every week! And when I do, there are sections that I don’t bother with because it is an exercise in futility. The weeds are still managing to spawn, why you do me like that weeds?!


I bought some of these mini lavender plants for the front to try and break the iron grip the wild geranium has out there. They are getting a little wild and inviting too many friends to the party. The yellow things are $1 experiments. They are in pretty rough shape. I don’t even know their names, and that doesn’t bode well.


The lavender seems quite pleased with its new digs, hopefully it will hold its own against the bullying wild geranium.


I am loving this Armor of God Bible study this summer! #priscillashirer #suitup! I thought this was very good. Faith is an A.C.T.I.O.N. word!

FullSizeRender (58)

Priscilla quoted her Dad, Tony Evans, a week or so ago. A good reminder.


I got together with some Girl Cousins last week!!! Girl Cousin Vickie (on right) was in town from Indiana and she got the Michigan contingent to gather at her sister Joyce’s house for Hudson’s Maurice salad and healthy chocolate cake, made with zucchini and lots of chocolate chips!

We had a good visit, updating each other, laughing, all the stuff you do when family gets together. We even got to see Girl Cousin Joyce’s two older grandchildren before they went out on an adventure with their Granddad.

I knew I wanted to get a picture so I stuck the selfie stick in my bag! A good first try, a little far away. From the left; Girl Cousins Capri K, Joyce, Kay and Vickie. Daughters and granddaughters of brothers Bob and Bill.


Closer is better! We’re getting the hang of this!


No idea what was so funny but this is my favorite!


Aww, love these Girlies!!!


Ok, I will try and get back here for The Hodgepodge. I make no guarantees. Enjoy your week!


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