South Haven 2016


Last week we headed over to South Haven Michigan for our annual Girls Getaway! Lake Michigan, sunsets, beaching, pretty flowers, shopping and good company, what’s not to love?

Here we are getting ready to ship out with all our STUFF. From left, The Mayor, The Oreo Mom, Capri Shaq and The Peanuts Champ. #loadedforbear #wedonttravellight #beprepared


We got it all in!!!!! And off we went, to be joined the next day by 3 Good Kids, who was coming in from Myrtle Beach, and our good buddy Sally, who lives in Kalamazoo and visited for the day!


The first purty flowers I saw were at The Peanuts Champ’s house, they were beautimous!


Our weather looked very iffy this week but it surprised us and we were able to go to the beach on 2 days and saw 2 loverly sunsets! From left, Capri K, The Mayor, 3 Good Kids, The Peanuts Champ, Sally (or Ally from the group Sammon and Ally!) and The Oreo Mom.


Some of us were brave and went paddle boarding! I would like to try it some day.


The Mayor. She knows everybody, everywhere.


The Peanuts Champ had already tried it once this summer. Old Pro.


We were all so glad to see Sally! She moved away about 10 years ago but our hearts were happy she came out for the day!


The Oreo Mom and I amused ourselves with Snapchat. It’s just a picture, I can’t seem to do a video on this thing. The squeaky voice gets me every time.


We sent this to her husband, Kentucky Jim. He wanted to know what we had been drinking. We said Diet Coke.


I find the Snapchat useful for picture taking and using the text feature.


I got a new babe-ing suit this summer and it did not have the same coverage my previous suit did, hence I was a lotta pink in those areas!


The first sunset was perfect.


We were trying so hard to get a good picture of ourselves with the selfie stick we almost missed the main event!


This was the next night, and yes, I do have the same shirt on. I don’t know why but there was a reason. Capri Shaq and her little friends.

 IMG_3678 (1)

Not as perfect, but pretty interesting anyway.



There is always a boat by a sunset on Lake Michigan.


We went shopping on Wednesday because they have a cute little farmers market we like to visit. Such a pretty little town!


A whole row of coleus and sweet potato vine!


Love this. #truth #oldfriendsarebest #ihavethesekind #kissesonthecheekfromGod


We ended up eating in the rental house for most meals and going out for lunch a couple of times. It worked out pretty good to not have everyone have to get ready after being at the beach all day. This was our 5th year staying at this rental and we were sad to find out that the owner had sold it. 😦  It has been a good place and we have really enjoyed it. The place across the street also rents and we are already booked there for next summer!

When we were packing up to leave we were reminiscing about previous visits. 3 Good Kids and I went to see if the the drive way still showed signs of when she dropped a bottle of white nail polish and it splattered all over us. It was still there!!!


I think the name of the rental was The Seagull. This was out front. Looks like it’s pecking The Oreo Moms head!


Goodbye Seagull, you have served us well!


On the way home we stopped at Stein Mart, where we all found a few things to take home. Like flat front and back, elastic waisted pants that are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned!!!

Thanks ladies for a fun trip!


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