Mousey Turns 22!


We had a celebration this weekend, Baby Girl turned 22!


Oh yes she did!

Our little Muggins Q. Mouse is all growed up.

She is more Katniss now than little girl who loved Po from Teletubbies and feeding Cheeto’s to chipmunks. Well, she would totally still like to feed Cheeto’s to chipmunks!


Her requested birthday dinner consisted of Flat Chicken, roasted potatoes, Feta Fatoosh and garlic mushrooms in wine with a cherry chip cake. Honey and I obliged.


She had already received her birthday present earlier in the summer, some sort of car stereo with a thingy for her iPhone and iPod. Anyway, she liked it!

We did give her a little gift. Mousey parks her car in the driveway by the back door. Because she had no back door key, she had to open the garage door with the key pad each and every time she came into the house. Honey and I tried to get copies of his back door key made one time, but things got joofered up and we made copies of the front door key. Since getting copies of the correct key required me to remember to get the correct key off Honey’s key chain, well, you can just imagine how many times I forgot to do that. The real question might be why did we only have 1 back door key???

I finally remembered and they even had one with a nifty light to help you find the key hole in the dark!!!! Happy Birthday Mouselina!


I think she was pleased with her evening.


She starts her last semester of college this morning!!!!! You Go GIRL!!!!



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