Redeemed the Day


We had a very moving day last week. Our oldest daughter has been looking for employment for a very L.O.N.G. time now.  Many applications, interviews and dashed hopes later, she was still looking.

Over a year ago she had a conversation with a woman sitting behind us at our church. You know, the little meet and greet they have you do before everyone sits down? This woman knew Abby from when she volunteered in the 2 year old Sunday school classroom and had her two children. She asked what Abby was doing and she replied she was looking for a job. The lady said she worked at a local elementary school and they sometimes had openings for para-professionals, and she should go online and apply. Abby thanked her and did just that. Nothing came of it but it caused Abby to look more closely at these opportunities and apply.

About a year went by and Abby ran into this same gal again and she asked if Abby had ever found employment. She said she had not and the gal said she was now the principal of an elementary school and she knew of several jobs in her building, and Abby should apply! So she did! She had 3 interviews at 3 different schools, and the third one was at the school of the woman from church.

In between all this there was a lot of praying and “pretend” interviews, trying to help her do the best she could. She was nervous and trying desperately not to get her hopes up because she had certainly been there before. She went on the first interview, felt it went well but was not chosen. The second one went about the same and they said they would let her know the next day. She didn’t hear anything that day. The day after that interview she went to another interview at the church lady’s school and she actually did the interview! They talked for a while and then the principal started going into some detail about the job. Abby told me later that she thought it was a LOT of detail for an interview, but then the woman told her she had the job! ABBY WAS SO EXCITED!!!!

The principal then took her on a tour of the building and just generally gave her a warm welcome. As they passed one of the classrooms, Abby noticed a familiar name on one of the doors, it was a woman named Amy who had tutored her for several years when she was in elementary school! Amy was way more than a tutor, she was a really sweet friend to our girl, an encourager, a pal and she even used Abby as a mother’s helper for her boys when she needed to get some work done at home. The principal said they should go in and say hello! Amy was SO surprised and very happy to see her former student again after so many years! Another bonus to working at this school!

When Abby came home from her interview she tried to be casual and act like it was just another meeting, but she couldn’t keep it up for long and we were all SO EXCITED! I was, as usual, trolling for details and as the whole story came out I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness to our Girl!!

All of this happened on October 7, a date that left a mark on our family 21 years ago. That was the day that the kids and I were in the car accident that caused Abby’s injury. For many years the day was marked by a deep sadness, the grief of the year seemed to be gathered into one rolling wave that swept over on that day. I have blogged quite a bit about how this time of year is difficult and God has used the outpouring of words as a healing thing, the date has lost its power over me. But Guys, it could not be a coincidence that the Lord chose this day to provide something that Abby desperately wanted and needed! It wasn’t random that He chose that day to rain down the blessing of a job, after applying for YEARS. We have prayed that God would intervene, that He would provide for her, that He would incline hearts to her, to see that she was capable and had worth. It was a kiss on the cheek from a really good God, and we are thankful. He has redeemed the day!


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  1. Oh, Kel, how wonderful for all of you! I am in tears after reading this blog and learning how God has chosen to turn your sadness into joy. I will be sharing this as a word of encouragement to others who are waiting on God for a particular answer.

    Abby, I pray God will use you in your new job to be the encourager that Amy was to you years before.


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