Stuff and The Weekly Sy


I have a list today, little schnibbles of info for documentation. You know how it is. This here blob is my memory bank.

We are in the throes of fall up here in The Mitten. It was glorious yesterday, even if it did rain all the live long day.

When I was coming home from buying supplements at the natural path doctor last month, I saw 2 new stores in an Ann Arbor strip mall. Homegoods, which is exciting for them but we have one of those in our town, and Steinmart! The only Steinmart I have ever seen in our neck of the woods was several hours away, near Kalamazoo. Or Battle Creek. Or somewhere off of I-94 on our way home from South Haven last summer!

I texted my friend Marilyn, who actually lives in Ann Arbor, and asked her if she was aware of this new development, because I have heard her say she likes to frequent this establishment when she travels down south. She was not aware! But she is NOW! She said it opened last week and she has now been 3 times! I heard a rumor that the manager already recognizes her! 

After our conversation last week, this was in the mail when I got home that day! Well, you don’t have to twist my tail too hard to get me to visit! I mentioned it to Jip yesterday at BSF and she said she had received the same coo-pin! I pointed out that we had to get on over there because it expired on the 23rd and it was already the 20th. We decided to go right after class, as we are not ones to take for granted a good coo-pin!


They had lots of pretty things but I ended up buying what I thought I would; another pair of my favorite pants by Bandolino. I bought a pair last year in Florida and wore the H.E.C.K. out of them. Hence the need for a new pair.


Jip bought a super cute long flowy vest and a cute new jacket. We were satisfied customers.

Honey sends me multiple Snapchats a night. I always wonder what his coworkers think he is doing? Cause you know he is giggling whilst making the weird faces!


Speaking of the Snapchat, Mousey sent me this amusing one. No delicate flowers at our house.


Our week started in the 70-80s and is finishing in the 50s. Pure Michigan.

The Boy and The Dane are coming for Thanksgiving!!!! From Washington state!

The Ab-Cat is still waiting to start her job. She has been fingerprinted and is now awaiting a call from HR. I hear that department can be problematic. She is chomping at the bit over here, ready to START!!!!

As bad as Abby wants to start, Mousey wants to be DONE with school! She is a weary girl. December cannot come soon enough.

I leave you with The Weekly Sy. Our pal is always pretty cuddly, but even more so when the temperatures cool off a little. Then he wants to nap on you for hours.


Crashed on his Grandma. Perfectly loverly when he is asleep!


Have a pretty fall weekend!


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