The Week


Y’All!!! Abby started her new JOB! Oh yes she did! She went in to her orientation on Monday and then HR sent her right on over to her elementary school to get cracking!


She has helped out a second grade teacher every morning this week and she has already made some friends! And nothing says I love you better in 2nd grade than ART! I was loving the wheelchairs.


I am going to tell Mrs. Abby for the rest of her life that she is “spechil”! We even ran into one of her little students at Meijer yesterday! And Ab had just been telling me how naughty that same little girl had been that day! TRUE STORY!!!!!


Some priceless Snapchats. Honey’s impersonation our poor little Katie, RIP. He has it perfect, I have to give him credit.


I just had to post this of my Aunt Phyllis, I heart it SO bad! BUT DON’T TELL HER!!!!!!! She thought it was so funny!


This is the second batch of nuts I have roasted lately. Honey and I snack on nuts a lot and there is always concern that the nuts you buy have undesirable ingredients in there. The first were good, just a salty roasted combo. These are sweet and spicy.


Pretty good, but could be sweeter AND spicier. Will see what Honey thinks. I did put an extra squirt of liquid Stevia and it could have been a double squirt IMHO.


Mousey and I have discovered that Aldi has purty good chocolate! Someone was hormonal on our last trip.My faves are dark orange almond and dark chili. The dark 85% is alright, but I guess 85% is not my favorite cocoa/sugar ratio.Good prices at Aldi, I must say!!!


The Weekly Sy here. Our cuddle bunny is LOVING the cooler temperatures! He spent the entire evening inside my fleece last night. Here he is modeling his pretty tummy. It’s almost impossible not to bother him in this pose. Sweet stripes and giant bunny foot=bothering.


Have a fine weekend!


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