Three More


This posting every day is not going so well for me, how did I ever do it??? How about three things I am thankful for and then I will be all caught up!!! Some will be more important than others, but sometimes the little things make life joyful!

Thankful number one.

On Friday night our church had a ladies event. Dinner, encouraging speaker and capped off with shopping for hand crafted things, it was a great success!!!!


Dinner was served by the men in our church, you can see them in the background looking all spiffy in their white shirts and ties! I went with my sister in law Stacey and my friends CMB and Beth. We did not know the lovely women who were also seated at our table, but we had a nice time with them! We were encouraged to take a table picture and post them on social media with the hash tags.


We knew that all the money raised on this night was going to World Orphans, where our church is personally involved with three orphanages; in Kenya, Ethiopia and Haiti. Stacey told me that ALL the money raised went to the cause, not just a portion. They told us in church yesterday that they raised almost $12,000 dollars!!!! That goes a long way in helping these homes with their yearly budgets! I am so thankful for the way our church supports and takes part in the spreading of God’s love and care to others that live far away. I will admit that ladies events are not my cup of tea, but I was happy to be a very small part of the night.

Thankful number two.

We like to eat out in our family. Well, I like to eat out possibly the most, due to my ambivalence about cooking. I tried to explain it to my Mom once, because I am pretty sure she thought we ate out too much. What I told her was it was a time that we could all visit. No one had to prepare the meal, clean up after it, everyone can choose what they would like, always a bonus for finicky children, all around just a nice time to sit and talk and catch up, all things our family sincerely enjoys doing. We can do the same thing at home when we cook, but sometimes it’s nice to just plan to all be together and dine out.

We had such an evening on Saturday night. Outback had some sort of special with never ending shrimp and The Ab-Cat volunteered to take us out because she is a fan of the unending shrimp experience. She takes us out quite frequently, although sometimes only Honey and I are available. On Saturday Mousey and The Good Eater were on board as well. We arrived before 5, we agreed that we all prefer to eat with our elderly population. I just don’t like to eat late at night, going to bed on such a full stomach is unappealing, and if you don’t eat early in our town you are going to have a lengthy wait. Mousey and I have a small window of feeling peckish to full on HANGRY. It is wise not to anger us! We had a very nice, enjoyable evening! Thank you Abby!!!

All that to say, I am thankful to be able to dine out with my family.

Thankful number three.

Speaking of The Ab-Cat, I am so, so SO thankful for her new job!!!!!!! That is 7 exclamation points because 7 is God’s number! It has been such a joy to see how happy she has been! She has a sparkle I haven’t seen in a long time. She goes in each day glad for the opportunity to be helpful and useful to the teacher and the children. I ask her to tell me something funny that a child said and she has something to tell!!!

I saw her principal at the ladies event and we both agreed that God has been involved in this every step of the way. That is a very cool thing to see AND acknowledge. She has been the answer to a great many prayers over the years and it was good to hear her side of the story!

All caught up! I am very sad to see that NONE of you have anything to be thankful for, or at least nothing you are willing to share in the comments! 😉


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  1. I will share that I was very thankful to have my eldest BOY home this weekend to celebrate my birthday! Not only that but it was the first time he spent his OWN money and bought me a birthday gift. I was totally surprised and a little teary-eyed too. He gave me a hoodie so I can represent for his college. College may be costing a bajillion dollars but seeing my baby mature…priceless.


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