15, 17, 18


I have gotten myself a little joofered up on the thankfulness posting due to participating in the Hodgepodge. I will go back and then leap abruptly forward. Just like how I operate in real life.

November 15

I am super thankful we have a brand spanking new T.J. Maxx in our town!!!!!!! It opened last Sunday and Abby and I drove by thinking we might drop in and take a gander, but NO, it was a freaking madhouse! So we went on Monday and enjoyed the excursion very much! I went back with my friend Marilyn on Wednesday, because she is one to appreciate a pretty new store as well. This could be dangerous, just saying. After both visits I wondered why I did not think to take a picture, I feel this post needs a picture.

November 17

I am thankful for the glorious fall we have had! I heard a rumor that things are going to change this weekend though. Honey was the bearer of this news, and on Wednesday he suggested we take advantage of of the fine weather to do a little leaf raking, lawn mowing and other things outside that one does not like to engage in when the temperatures drop into the 20s and 30s. Much was accomplished!

November 18

Which brings me up to date and leaves me thankful for back medication!!!! We are both feeling our age and complaining our backs are killing us!

Enjoy your weekend!


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