Thankful 19-26


Whoa, I got WAY behind there!!! It’s been a busy, busy week! Back to the thankfulness!

November 19

Thankful for what IS there; faith, family, friendship and home and hope.

FullSizeRender (65)

November 20

I am thankful for words of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She filled my childhood with the joy of reading, a window into the past, and a love of the simple life. #lauraingallsismyspiritanimal

FullSizeRender (66)

November 21

I am thankful to be able to study God’s Word at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and for all the ladies!!! Since our class day is normally on Thursday, we switched to Monday and had an abbreviated leaders meeting at 7:30 before our class. It made for a long, full day, but it’s God’s class and He worked it out! One of our former children’s leaders was visiting for the holiday. She not only filled in as a teacher in our classroom, she also was able to meet for lunch! BSF knits hearts Y’All!!!

FullSizeRender (67)

Photo credit Lisa Bell!

November 22

The Boy and The Dane made it in from Washington state at 8 p.m., safe and sound!!!! Had to stop at Coney Island on the way home!

November 23

Thankful for all our People under one roof again!!!!

November 24

A full house at Thanksgiving!! We were joined by The Grandpa, Elyk and Pug Mama, and our dear friends The Hostler’s! The “Badults” were outnumbered this year so the kids got the dining room!


We did alright!


The Boy’s favorite meal of the year, it’s all about that dressing.


Honey felt his turkey carving skills were stellar this year!


Awesome Autumn was wanting to hold a kitty-witty, Sy obliged her and took a nap on her lap.


Ab-Cat and The Grandpa. He got both of the drumsticks! He didn’t eat them both, he took one home!


Rae Babe and Jona-fin.


They like each other.


We played a game I love called Heads Up!! I have GOT to get it on my phone! Lots of food, fun and laughs, a very good day!

November 25

I am WAY thankful the dishes are all washed!!!!! OYE!

November 26

Thankful that Honey took us all out for dinner at Black Rock Grill, where we cooked our own steaks on a 750 degree hot lava stone!! The dessert was sparkly!


We came home after and played Peanuts and Golf, and Honey booked flights for us to go to Florida in February!


Will catch up on the rest another day!


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