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A Bunch of Pictures From November and December Because I am Super With It!


I’m not sure why I did not post these pictures from when The Boy and The Dane were in town at Thanksgiving, but I want to install them here because this has become my memory bank.

The Boy, trying to pass down the skill of Bothering to Goomba, as taught to him by his Uncle Beeve. It’s the Circle of Life my friends.


That’s a good looking group of guys right there!


Now to add some womenfolk.


The Grandpa has taught some skills as well! Mostly love and kindness!


Mousey Snapchat-ted this sparkling beauty! I am thankful for her color application ALL YEAR LONG!


Here are 3 Weekly Sy’s for you, because he IS the world famous Internet/Instagram/Snapchat star of OUR universe!!!!!

IMG_4052 (1)

How can we resist chronicling his every nap and waking moment?

IMG_4076 (2)

We love his furry self!

IMG_4214 (1)

We had Goomba over to decorate cookies, some were Wookie cookies!!! There were also some pretzels dipped in chocolate and a couple games of Skip-Bo going on. Come again Friend!


Did I mention that Honey gave me some chai??!! I decided to have a little contraband Splenda in my life. Not daily, but occasionally. Ironically, the natural path doctor mentioned that I should go on the Whole 30 challenge later in January.


Have you heard of it? Some new fresh hell they have concocted. No dairy, grains, sweetener (natural or unnatural) of any kind, no preservatives. Just eggs, meat, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruit. It is supposed to detoxify your toxic self, so when you slowly reintroduce things back into your diet you should know if one of the above was causing you trouble. She suggested it because I seem to produce inflammation and aches and pains. I am pondering it. I should be able to do it for a month. The no sweetener thing makes me want to cry though, which leads me to believe that I should probably give it a whirl. I have always just replaced sugar with Splenda or Truvia. Maybe it is ALL of the devil! Hoping this is not the case!

FullSizeRender (71)

I will never know if I do not try. We shall see, still pondering.

As we prepare to wrap up 2016 and usher in 2017, I have to say that I have missed blogging regularly and having this journal of our lives. Many things have not been recorded and it seems weird to realize that I will not be able to look back and figure out timelines and see recorded evidence of happenings.I think what happened was I felt short of time and resorted to quick posts or lists, I felt like I wasn’t making time to do better, and instead of doing better, I stayed away. What I have realized is I am more grateful to have a little nonsense as opposed to none. My New Years resolution is to return to my previous mindset, continue documenting our life for myself, our family and friends. And all you anonymous lurkers 😉  It will be a challenge, I have gotten lazy, my mind has fallen away from thinking blog-ally, but i am going to try. Thanks for reading along. Here’s to bringing back the nonsense! It sounds like the name of a tour!

Happy New Year. Welcome 2017!


Merry Christmas Eve and Day!!!


Honey performed some manner of magic and the computer is working again!!!! The problems seem to occur when the computer takes it upon itself to do a little maintenance. I actually heard Honey say, with my own ears, next time we get an Apple!

Here we are on Christmas Eve with our Dear Friends The Hostlers and The Good Eater at Ichiban Steak House, preparing to be entertained and also to feast! They had been there before and the rest of us, with the exception of Mousey, had not. It was very good and our chef was amusing.


He said he had been doing this for about 7 years and has mastered the art of timing. I admire that skill.


We rolled our stuffed selves home to have dessert and play games! The Boy and The Dane gave me this for Christmas (it was fun, kind of reminded us of Apples to Apples),


and then we played Heads Up with a cell phone. That game is SO fun!

IMG_4246 (1)

Rae Babe got all crafty and creative and gave us a Harry Potter inspired gift! Golden snitch candies, yummy chocolate covered pretzels,


chocolate frogs,


and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! So stinking cute and DA’licious!!!


We love our DeHostwaeler Christmas Eve tradition!!!!


Our group opened presents later in the evening and I wish I could show you many lovely pictures but I have nary a one. Just this one that I took on Christmas Day to send to Mrs. Schmenkman, to show her that I got what she introduced me to!!!!! She calls it The Buzzer and it is FABULOUS for massaging away tension in hurty backs!!!!!!! She did remind me that I will have to regularly find volunteers to do it :/   I have been successful so far……


Honey also got me chai!!!! The contraband beverage that the natural path dr does not want me to have because it is sweetened with Splenda! I will have to be judicious in my usage. I also know Diet Coke is not good for me but that does not prevent me from indulging at Chip and Dip!

I offer you the only two pictures I took on Christmas Day. The Mouse and her Granddad, toasting by the fire.


DINNER!!!! Delicious steak, Honey’s mac and cheese and garlic mushrooms, fatoosh salad, garlic rolls and corn as a nod to tradition. WE.WERE.STUFFED!!!!!!!


I am always short on pictures when we host the day, but I think I may have outdone myself this year. But I assure there was much visiting, laughing, eating, desserting, playing of games and bracelet making as Goomba gave most of us a a lesson in hooking them!

This was read before our dinner prayer.


The real reason for the season. Merry Christmas Friends.

Why the MIA


Hi Guys. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our big computer in the office. The one I blog at. It is declining to connect with our internet. We have had the WOW internet guy out, and he was everything we could have hoped for, but it now appears that we have a Dell problem, not an internet problem. We did get a new modem and faster internet along with a new clicker for the tv, so not a complete waste of a visit!

I kept hoping things would be resolved and I could pick up blogging in the herky jerky way to which I have become accustomed, but now I am not sure when this will be resolved. Considering it is Christmas week, the computer and its HATEFUL self are low on the list of things to do before December 25th.

Good news! The spiteful puter is still under warranty, so Honey will investigate where we need to take it to be stabbed and or dissected in its faithless heart/hard drive.

Both of my Bible studies are done for 2016, so I am going to try and participate in the Hodgepodge on Wednesday, but I make no guarantees. I am somewhat behind in shopping and I have no good reason. Just feel more disorganized than usual, but Christmas will come, and it will be what it is.

Ok,  I feel better knowing I have checked in here and gave you the scoop. I can blob words here, but pictures are not an option. They may be for someone else, but it makes me want to snatch myself bald to try and get a picture in the right place on the iPad!

Go forth and conquer Monday!

Last 3 Thankful Things from November in December!


As usual, I am playing catch up! I am thankful to be done with this month of thankfulness, ithas shown me what a poor blogger I have turned into!!!

November 27

Girl Cousin Lindsay and Rob B had their sweet little girl baby!!!! Welcome Bailey Harper!!! Three weeks early, weighing 6 1/2 lbs, 18 1/2 inches long, just a little peanut who couldn’t wait to make her entrance!


Aunt Phyllis is finally a Grandma!!! And look, at the hospital all night long and her hair still looks great!


I love this picture, it is a perfect snapshot into Grandpa Uncle Bob’s personality. He is already planning ways to tease the little one!


Home with their fur child Ava, who is bigger than the human child! They are evidently getting along better than expected! This will be a great hardship in Ava’s life.


Welcome to Team Levine Baby Hailey!


November 28

I have now raked leaves TWICE this year which is a whole1 time more than I want to. One of my least favorite back breaking chores. BUT, I am thankful the heinous task is done for the year. Honey has made noises like he thinks we may get back out there and do some more, but I am fairly confident that this is just wishful thinking on his part. My aching back agrees.

November 30

December 1 is my brother Beeve’s 50th birthday!!!!! I am going to slide him in here because I am thankful for his life!

He was born almost a full month premature, a scrawny 6 pounder. My early memories were that he was a crier. I do know that I was not allowed to suck my thumb in front of him because our Mom didn’t want him to pick up any bad habits. This caused me to spend a goodish amount of time behind the chair in the corner of the family room. She eventually said I could come out, he was a finger sucker despite her efforts.

In honor of his five decades, I give you five reasons I love him.

1. He was a good playmate. There is no one else I would rather play Lost in Space with.

2. He was adventurous with his hair in his younger years! He was my Guinea pig in color and cuts!

3. He has been an awesome uncle to our kids, and they love him to pieces!

4.He has grown into a wonderful man, husband and father. I am proud of him.

5. We share a bond. We are the only direct descendents of our parents. We share DNA, personality and character traits, an agreeable nature and our Mother’s smile. We are knitted together with memories, the love and care of our family, strong genes and a love for Jesus and His Kingdom.

FullSizeRender (68)

Happy Birthday Brother of mine. Love you Beeve!

Bring on December!