Why the MIA


Hi Guys. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our big computer in the office. The one I blog at. It is declining to connect with our internet. We have had the WOW internet guy out, and he was everything we could have hoped for, but it now appears that we have a Dell problem, not an internet problem. We did get a new modem and faster internet along with a new clicker for the tv, so not a complete waste of a visit!

I kept hoping things would be resolved and I could pick up blogging in the herky jerky way to which I have become accustomed, but now I am not sure when this will be resolved. Considering it is Christmas week, the computer and its HATEFUL self are low on the list of things to do before December 25th.

Good news! The spiteful puter is still under warranty, so Honey will investigate where we need to take it to be stabbed and or dissected in its faithless heart/hard drive.

Both of my Bible studies are done for 2016, so I am going to try and participate in the Hodgepodge on Wednesday, but I make no guarantees. I am somewhat behind in shopping and I have no good reason. Just feel more disorganized than usual, but Christmas will come, and it will be what it is.

Ok,  I feel better knowing I have checked in here and gave you the scoop. I can blob words here, but pictures are not an option. They may be for someone else, but it makes me want to snatch myself bald to try and get a picture in the right place on the iPad!

Go forth and conquer Monday!


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